I know combining exercise with hair care can be quite a conundrum for some people. It has been an issue for me. My work is sedentary and I love to experiment with food, hence, exercise is not an option that I can ignore without repercussions to my weight.
And I must confess, sometimes I hate to exercise because of my hair. One session of cardio and it is as wet as if I went under the shower. I sweat in my hair, not pretty little rivulets either. I mean I get …

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Hair Issues
Hair Brush with hair

We all know what healthy hair should look like, thick, luscious hair that is so strong it could pull a truck or stop a bullet. But what does damaged hair really look like, is it somebody with a bad case of alopecia or is it dried, fried hair? Or is it the hair on your head? Is it damaged? How do you know if it is damaged or not?
How To Tell:
Lack of Moisture
Your hair feels rough and dry. Roughness is a sign of dryness and damage. Healthy hair is supple …

Baking Soda

What is Baking Soda?
I recently asked myself the question. Yes, just recently. I know the chemical compound of the thing; I could recite it in my sleep (NaHCO3). Which means that the elements are: Sodium (Na), Hydrogen (H), carbon (C) and Oxygen (O). The 3 after the O means there are 3 atoms of Oxygen per molecule.
Baking soda is otherwise called sodium bicarbonate of soda, or to be more chemically precise it is sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Where Does Baking Soda Come From?
Seriously, did God make the thing or did a …

Olive Oil

Hair oils and moisturizers – Are the two interchangeable? Are hair oils and hair moisturizer one and the same?
I was confused because whenever I used ordinary hair oil it just sat on my hair and didn’t make it feel as soft and silky as I know it should. It made my hair shiny but if my hair was dry it remained dry, albeit oily. It didn’t make sense, so of course I went and did some research and also experimented on my own hair until I found the perfect formula …

Achieve Healthy Hair Ends

Have you ever looked in the mirror and despaired at the way your hair end looks, some are shorter than some and the whole bunch of it is just ragged. How did it get that way and why did you let it? Better yet, you ask yourself, does my hair look good with all these straggly ends? The truth is, there are straggly hair ends, which may look good after a little TLC and then there is chewed up looking ends which just looks like you are desperate for hair …


The more a woman knows and understands her hair the better her hair will look. The more knowledgeable she is about what makes her hair feel right, the more she will grow to love it, or at least that’s my theory. It worked for me; I am hoping that a better understanding of your hair can work for you too.
Understanding black hair is not rocket science but it is hair science and that is something that all black women should be familiar with because no one else will know your …

Thick hair Naturally

There are several additives, preservatives and otherwise questionable products that are banned from hair and skin products in some countries because they contain chemicals that when tested have proven to be carcinogens, allergens or just plain bad for humans to apply topically.
What is most surprising about the following products is that they can be added to products that are called ‘natural’, the consumer has to be astute these days when shopping for hair, makeup and skin products. Here are ten things to watch out for on your hair, skin and …

How To Get Brown Hair Color

Like rumors hair myths can spread and take on a life of its own. Sometimes they are passed on from generation to generation and we repeat them thinking they are facts. Lets look at some hair myths and see if they are really true. One or two may surprise you.
Myth # One
Dandruff is Dry Scalp and Vice Versa
Fact:Dandruff and dry scalp are very different hair conditions. Dry scalp is characterized by small, white flakes of the scalp, which is basically caused by dehydration on the scalp, which in turn makes …


The truth is, taking care of black hair whether natural or relaxed does not have to be hard and your hair can grow long and thick and look fabulous without having to buy any hair products at all or as little as possible.
My hair grew when it was natural and it grew when it was relaxed and in both states, when my hair did the very best, I used minimal hair products. As a matter of fact, since I have gone to the opposite of the established practices and started …

Olive Oil

Olive oil is well sought after for dietary as well as beauty purposes because it is so nutrient rich. In the carrier oils it is ranked very highly with coconut, avocado and castor oils. It is a very powerful carrier oil because it contains the emollient squalene which is very penetrative. Squalene penetrates deep within the hair follicle and does not leave an oily feel behind. Besides its penetrating quality which is a god send for dry haired ladies, this oil contains vitamins A and E which also repairs …

Peppermint Oil Hair

A couple weeks ago in the middle of my scalp felt really tender, I endured the tender feeling until I went into my cosmetics cupboard and saw my bottles of oil. The peppermint oil screamed, use me– use me. So I did, I put a drop on my finger and gently massaged it into my tender spot. It tingled for a bit, that nice ‘pepperminty’ tingle and then I went about my business. The next day, the tender spot was barely noticeable, I applied a drop more and after doing …

coconut oil hair benefits

Coconut oil needs no introduction as a superior oil in hair care; there have been so many anecdotal reports about the effects of coconut oil on hair that I am sure that you might have one too. Coconut oil works because it contains a slew of nutrients that are very good not only for the body but also the hair. These nutrients include more than ninety percent of saturated fats, protein, Vitamin-E and Vitamin K and minerals such as Iron.
Coconut Oil Hair Benefits:
The molecules in coconut oil are very small and this …

castor oil hair benefits

Castor oil is liquid gold for hair, it was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians for healthy hair and it is still around today because in the 21st century it still works like a charm, for not only hair but also the skin.
Castor oil is thick, golden in appearance and is the by-product of the castor plant. A plant that is not without some controversy because of certain toxic compounds which can be found on the surface of the castor bean.
Why is castor oil so special? It contains …