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[ 5 Jan 2016 | 3 Comments ]

We all know what healthy hair should look like, thick, luscious hair that is so strong it could pull a truck or stop a bullet. But what does damaged hair really look like, is it somebody with a bad case of alopecia or is it dried, fried hair? Or is it the hair on your head? Is it damaged? How do you know if it is damaged or not?
How To Tell:
Lack of Moisture
Your hair feels rough and dry. Roughness is a sign of dryness and damage. Healthy hair is supple …

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[ 6 Mar 2012 | 15 Comments ]

Even though we tend to focus on our hair and hair growth and maintaining hair, the truth is, the hair scalp is where the action begins. A good understanding of how the scalp works and its role in hair growth and maintenance can save us a world of hurt.
I usually think of the hair scalp like a movie production, when the movie is being made, you have a host of people behind the scenes who get the actors ready to portray a story-line, when the viewer watches the movie they …