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[ 17 Apr 2012 | 10 Comments ]

Stinging nettle is good for hair and I was surprised to find out that it was the same weed that is found in the countryside that will itch you if it catches your skin. Indeed, most of us think of the stinging nettle as a pest. However, this particular weed is reportedly high in calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, potassium, and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and K.
In peak season, stinging nettle can contain up to 25% protein dry weight. This is very high for a green …

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[ 15 Apr 2012 | 12 Comments ]

Have you ever heard of using tea rinses for hair? It is the same thing as using unsweetened herbal infusions on your hair to penetrate the hair strands thus giving the active ingredients in the various tea mixtures a chance to nourish the hair. There are numerous tea infusions that can be used on the hair, usually if the herb is used as oil or has other benefits for hair, then it can be used in its raw, steeped form.
Herbs like rosemary, stinging nettle, burdock root and even peppermint can …

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[ 30 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments ]

Stinging nettle is known as a weed that is quite bothersome. If it touches your skin it stings, creating little bumps that really itch. However, this weed is very versatile and can do wonders for your hair. The stinging nettle is rich in iron, silicon, and potassium. And is very high in vitamins A and C. When dried, nettles are 40% protein. Additionally, they lose their stinging ability when placed in water. Several countries use it for so many different things, beer in Britain, flavorful dishes in France and in …

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[ 29 Oct 2011 | 14 Comments ]

This combination of yogurt and coconut will have your whole hair feeling extra special. Coconut and yogurt together has proven to be quite effective in hair care. Some persons even claim that a combination of these two will relax the curl pattern in your natural hair. I have tried it and I have seen no discernible relaxing of my natural curls. However, it does make your hair feel really good. You may be surprised.
4 tsp coconut oil
1/2  cup coconut cream
1/2 cup plain unflavored whole yogurt
1 tsp lime or lemon juice
Mix …

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[ 28 Oct 2011 | 22 Comments ]

Some people just start developing a regimen by default when it comes to taking care of hair, they wash on a Friday, deep condition hair every two weeks and do something else on other days. Here’s the thing, when you are transitioning you must have a regimen, don’t just fall into a changeable routine, plan your journey to going natural carefully, especially if you are transitioning for the long haul- a year or more.
If you don’t have a regimen, you just might get frustrated and give up. A regimen helps …

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[ 27 Oct 2011 | 130 Comments ]

Two years ago I did not process my hair for close to a year. I had two textures dealing with, my real natural curly hair and relaxed hair. Everyone wondered why I did not go to the hairdresser to get it relaxed but the truth is I was toying with the idea of going natural completely and I was learning about my two textures in the process. For newbies, transitioning is moving from relaxed to natural hair. Most persons who do a long stretch with relaxed hair are technically transitioning …