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  • Liz said:

    Hi Brenda,thank you for all the info, I have learned so much! I would like to know what is the best hair regimen for my 10 year old daughter? Lately I have been trying different products on her hair which seems to make it worse. She has 4a type natural hair which I usually cornrow every Saturday. Her hair ends tend to tangle and knot a lot lately.

  • Dee said:

    I have to comment (which I never ever do) on your site. FABULOUS! All that I was looking for is right here in one place. I had been searching for healthier, toxic-free products for a while now and there are none. Even the products that claim to be ‘green’ contain potential allergens that irritate my scalp and dry out my hair. I was on the fast track to damaging my hair beyond repair until I found this site. I am amazed and grateful, thank you and please keep up the good work.

  • KYM said:

    HELP.. Brenda, I just found out I have CCCA (a form of alopecia). My hair coming out on a daily basis.
    I have read your articles, but not to sure where I should start with my now “New” hair journey.
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    • Brenda said:

      Hi Kym,

      When you say “new” hair do you mean your natural hair? Did you do a big chop or cut off relaxed ends or what? Tell me more info. so that I can help you start properly. I did a piece on Hair Regimen For Hair Loss, it should be published on the 27th of February (Monday), that article indicates that a good place to start is within- with the proper diet, massage etc.

  • Candi said:

    Hi, Brenda. Well i am going to perm my virgin hair soon.I have heard the “net masses” raving about the Affirm (no lye) relaxer.Are there different versions of Affirm? Which is the right one to get? The thing is I am willing to use it and additionally, I am not sure which products to get in order to maintain my hair. I am planning to buy hair care products for my soon to be relaxed hair and I am asking for product suggestions and must haves. Can you list a great variety to choose from? I want to get the best result. I had permed my hair about nine years ago and I had kept it permed for only two years, so I have a bit of knowledge on relaxed hair but not much. Also , I want to know about products that will promote the strength of my hair ( prevents breakage).

  • Katarina said:

    Hi Brenda!
    Thanks a lot for your moisturizer recipe”Rosemary and Lavender Moisturizer for hair”. I didn’t have everything so I changed a little the composition (I don’t have any lavender oil, but I added 5 drops of clary sage essential oil) but its great! My hair is bleached and became brittle, extremely dry and oh, so awful!
    5 days after starting putting this moisturizer on my hair, it works already! My hair looks shiny and best of all: is far less brittle! I am sooooooo happy! Thanks a lot!
    Just a question: as I didn’t have filtered water, I used some demineralized water. Is it the same?
    Thanks again!

    • Brenda said:

      You are most welcome Katarina, I am happy that you had a good outcome, clary sage oil is a pretty powerful oil and it promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair shaft. Mmmm, maybe I will copy your recipe in the future 🙂 Demineralized water is just as good or even better than filtered water in some respects they are the same. In both cases the water is purified.

  • Katarina said:

    oh, I forgot to say one thing: I sealed with castor oil. It’s great. I had tested different carrier oils before: coconut, almond, argan, olive, grape seed, even shea butter. But I think I prefer castor oil.
    But, maybe it’s difficult to compare because I wasn’t proceeding that way: instead of moisturizing and then sealing, I used to put only a carrier oil on my hair! The result is so different.
    Just a question: My 2 year old girl has got curly hair and after sleeping, she wakes up with a lot of knots in her hair. her hair is very thin. I tried the same treatment on her hair, but it doesn’t seem to work that well. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you for your help!

    • Brenda said:

      Hi Katarina,
      I too have a bias for castor oil, love it. I feel empty without it. How do you comb or tie your girl’s hair before bed? That could have a lot to do with the knots in the morning. My mom, moisturizes her hair, combs it in big plaits (three or four) before bed and ties it with her satin tie head and when she wakes up it is nice and moisturized. Her hair is thin and curly too, so this might work for your girl. Let me know how it goes.

  • Katarina said:

    Hi Brenda,
    I just wanted to share with you something really great!
    When I went once to the hairdresser (Dessaénges) – I’m French, I live in France, they told me that monoï was very effective against extremely damaged hair. I never followed there suggestion. But as I thought about it this week, I tried, as a pre poo mask and a little of it instead of castor oil, after spritzing my hair each morning.
    It’s simply FANTASTIC!! My hair were instantly less brittle, and very soft and smooth!!

  • Katarina said:

    sorry, I wanted to write “DESSANGES”, not Dessaénges!!

  • Ronnell Armbrister said:

    I am so grateful to have found everything that I need on one site. Easy to navigate and easy to read and understand. I would like for you to let me know if my regimen follows the standard for healthy hair. I have curly/coily extremely thick natural hair.

    1. Shampoo – I used to use store bought shampoos now I will be using one of your recipes. But this is normally my first step, to shampoo. I like to add tea tree oil to my shampoo and sometimetimes peppermint so which shampoo whould you recommend?

    2. Deep Condition – Honey, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Essential, Essential Oil of my choice

    3. Leave in Conditioner/Daily Moisturizing Spray – Honey, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Ylang Ylang Oil.

    4. Gel (to seal in moisture) – I’ve always thought that hair gel seals in moisture, please correct me if I am wrong. I make my own hair gel from Flax Seeds, and I would usually add my own oils and essential oils. Coconut is my favourite carrier and ylang ylang is my favourite essential.

    Is this the right regimen? Does gel seal in moisture? What shampoo would you recommend?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hey Ronnell,
      I am happy that you find the site useful. Your regimen sounds good. Your daily moisturizing spray sounds good- I see you have honey as your humectant. I know you are living in a tropical country because you are using coconut water in your hair. My me, you are going to make fellow readers jealous!
      Yes you can use gel (natural, no alcohol) to seal in moisture. I would love to know though, is it easy to comb out the next day? and how exactly do you make it? Do you mind sharing your recipe with us?
      I love using Castile soap based shampoos, check the recipe area for the ones I have experimented with.

  • Stephanie said:

    My name is Stephanie I am your biggest admirer. Your hair is so beautiful and is my hair hero . I really hope you receive this message and take the time to reply. This would mean so much to me. I am currently natural. It has been 3 yrs. My hair stretched is a little bit pass collar bone. It is hard for me to moisturize it in its healthy state but my hair is very healthy now, no damage and I got myself a good trim last week to get rid of all my split ends… I am in the process of relaxing my hair . I spent the past weeks researching and putting together my future relaxed hair regimen. I have not have success in the past with relaxer this is why I want to be ready this time and use my virgin hair as a good ground. NOw so far I am interested in the affirm fiberguard relaxer in Mild for my hair. I will be self relaxing as I do not want any stylist to come and mess up my hair . NOw I do not want bone straight hair . I want to texlaxe my hair at the same level as yours. I have been researching for so long . But it is impossible for me to find instructions on how to texlax. This is why I am writing to you I d really appreciate if you could give me any suggestion on how long to keep the relaxer on ( since i ll be doing virgin hair ) the first time and for subsequent touch up. Should I smooth 1st time with my fingers a couple of time or not? should I keep it for the recommended amount of time or half? should I add oil to the relaxer ? Should I keep the relaxer on for the recommended amount of time or just rinse right away.? Do you suggest that I use ORS lye instead of the affirm fiberguard ? I know I have so many questions but please answer to me as I am so scared of having my hair bone straight . Thank you so much for your time and stay Beautiful sweetheart . Thank you so much

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Stephanie
      I am so sorry for the late reply. And thank you for the compliments, my hair is *blushing*
      I have tried self relaxing and it didn’t work for me. I guess I was too scared of messing up those areas that I couldn’t see. I intend to write a full piece on tex-laxing but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. There are several ladies who blog about their experiences and their hair looks gorgeous, full of body, with a manageable texture. Here is an article that I found by Scarlet Henderson which gives step by step instructions. Click Here for the link. All the best and stay beautiful.

  • diane said:

    Do your have an article on using Bentonite Clay Treatment? What can you tell us about it’s pros and cons, please?

    Thank you!

  • diane said:

    What do you think about using Aloe Vera Juice and Water verses using just plain ole water? I saw a lady use it on a YouTube video and don’t want to try it just because someone else did. I like knowing REASONS THE WHY to doing things. 🙂 Thank you!!

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Diane,
      Personally, using aloe vera alone to sit on my hair for extended periods of time makes my hair hard and crunchy feeling. I think its because it contains protein. I would use it with water, essential oils and glycerin. If you want to try it out use more water in comparison to aloe and see how it feels for you. Gradually, you can add more aloe and judge for yourself.

  • Jeresinha said:

    Hi Brenda, I have discovered your page and I am so excited to try out your regimes and suggestions, however i do not know where to start. I apologise in advice because I need so much help. I’ve never known how to take care of my natural hair I would shampoo and then condition using the TRESemme product with a bag then oil my hair, (never really checked what type of oil) then weave it for a month or a month and a half not leaving any hair out and my hair would grow. Now 2 years ago I had a family loss and like i read my hair reacted to it and i lost a lot of length and even my hair became a lot coarser. In addition i’ve now spent the last 9months in Africa, Angola and had tried out braids after a good 7 years and it was so heavy for my hair that it ripped out the front. I was also told to try avocado, egg and olive oil, mixed together which i did and when I washed it out my hair had become so hard that I couldn’t even but my fingers through it, after a lot of conditioning it softened, but now every time i shampoo my hair i feel it beginning to go hard. I’ve read so much I feel overloaded with info. I really need some help knowing where to start first. I was also told onion is good for your hair and “black soap” if you have ever heard of it? Apologies for the essay

  • Ashley Leana said:

    Do you have any recommendations for a good comb/brush that will limit breakage on relaxed hair? Does it make a difference if you use a comb or a brush? What are the qualities of a really good comb/brush?

    Thanks for your help!

  • prisca said:

    Hi Brenda, I came across your blog today and love everything about it. I Was natural for 2 years before I texturized my hair on 01/17/2014 for easy managebility. Now I don’t like the puffiness of my hair and would want to get a relaxer to make it flat & straight. Since I texturized with Africa’s best hair softening system, is it better to also use Africa’s best cream relaxer (for kids)? Again how soon is too soon to apply relaxer after using texturizer? Its been almost 4months since my last texturizer. I’m really confused on what to do to avoid loosing all my hair in the process.
    I will really appreciate it if you can help me out please.

  • Lara said:

    hi brenda, ive only just discovered your page and this is helping me think positively about my hair but my mum thinks extentions ,weaves and relaxers are the answer for good looking hair even though ive explained i want to be natural. how can i let her know this?
    thanks 🙂

  • Ti'Shaun said:

    Hello. My name is Ti’Shaun I am having a very hard time growing out my hair. My hair used to be long and overtime got shorter because the use of heat I put on my hair which was often. Now i have a relaxer or well perm on my hair which is fine but I cannot grow out my hair at all I don’t see a difference.

  • Trineshia said:

    Hi Brenda, my hair has been thining in one spot in crown it seems to itch in that area as well. Can you offer any tips to deal with this? I’m only 28 and my grandma has a head full of hair and so does my mom. My hair texture is extremely fine and I do not relax but I am a natural that heat styles I need your help!!!! Thank you

  • Mary Miller said:

    Okay I have a lot of questions.
    I’m newly natural, live in Colorado, and 15. I had short hair to start with so about 2 months in I big chopped my already short hair. So I think the ends are still heat damaged, I see some straight straggly pieces. This is making styling even harder. So far all I can do is finger coils and Bantu knots. But two strands twists don’t work it’s crazy! It looks a hot mess! Please help! I figured there’s a product I could use, anyone help! Then I was gonna some deep conditioning treatment that used some Greek yogurt and my aunt who’s a hairstylist and she said because we’re in Colorado it’s too dry for that, and that it’ll make my hair fall out. Now I’m terrified of protein! Help! Just anything that I can’t do because of the altitude of Colorado, please tell me. Thanks

  • dolores said:

    about three months ago i decided to make my own hair care products just to experiment with all natural products when i was finished i gave one to my sister and one for me while we still had braids in our hair we continued to apply it to our scalp when we decided to take our braids out 3 months later we noticed a big change in our hair not only did it grow a whole lot but it changed our roots it was like we had a perm in our hair our roots were straight silky and healthy i would like to get advice on how i can sell my product i do believe that i have made something wonderful and would like to share my product with the world thank you for your time.

  • Eric said:


    I am new to your site but must say all the information is very helpful and informative. I am all about healthy hair and all natural products, I am a all natural 360 waver and have a question about making my own moisturizer or pomade. I would like to use coconut oil, peppermint oil, castor oil, and extra virgin olive oil as my only ingredients. My question is how much do I need to add of each oil to make a nice size batch to use for my son and I? Also, at the same token I need it to be in a little more of a creamy or thick consistency. Please help!

  • cici said:

    Hey i put t44z hair cream on my hair this morning can i still relax my hair with the cream on because my mum told me not to wash it.

  • Rejoice said:

    Hi Brenda i dye my hair .how long must i waite before i do scurl plz .bcz my hair is natural

  • momo said:

    hello..been reading your blog for a while now, kinda of scared but my hair needs help and i dont knw where to start from. So here goes…my scalp is itchy, i did a porosity test on my hair and it sunk…my hair keeps breaking..like when i comb..did a dc sometime back with cholesterol and honey and the results were kinda great..my hair lookd much more healthier..bt did another with egg and aloevera and ever since the breaking has been worse..also due to the nature of my course of study dnt knw if it would be easy to keep up the “regimen” once i start…please help!!!!

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Momo,
      Check out the article I did on Breaking Hair Remedies. If you find that something is not working for your hair, you have to stop and assess. The cholesterol and honey sounds like it was working for you. Maybe you should try that every other week.

  • momo said:

    Ok, thank you.
    I have a few questions..please indulge me. I forgot to mention that when my scalp itches it gives off this white flaky things (don’t know how else to describe them). Will the combination of honey and cholesterol every other week pose no threat? How do I know when to stop? Will it help the overall health of my scalp(the itching)?once results are achieved what else can I do to augment the effect ? Thanks in advance. Oh I forgot to add..you have beautiful hair..:-) , I want my hair like that too 🙁

  • joss kass said:

    hi.I am having a baldness just in the middle of my head.what can I do.I ve tried so many treatment, I am in Johannesburg. I use to put weaves.not to leave it like I can wash it regularly. it is relaxed nd a bit colored. please I need your assistance. tnx

  • Ann said:

    This information is so impressive,am so glad i visited this site. Please,am in Ghana and doing natural hair. How will i get access to the Jamaica castor oil?

  • solange said:

    I sent u a question.Please help me… sorry just desperate to make a decision…

  • Dee' said:

    hello, I believe I messed up, please help! Was natural for two years, then recently decided to relax my hair, only relaxed my new growth, was that correct, if not what should i do now, my hair is still puffy….

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Dee,

      Yes that’s correct only relax your new growth. Your hair may be puffy (still have some texture) because it was not relaxed bone straight. That is actually not a bad thing. Check out some texlaxed hair articles on line and see if that could be something you’d like. If not you may have to relax your hair again when your new growth comes in and leave the relaxer on your hair for a longer time.

  • Marla said:

    I am marooned at least thats what pple say. I just had a child and lost most of my natural hair. Trying to grow it out again, some say that it is better to wear sew in hair than braid. what you say?

    Oh by the way I want to read Love Triangle three sides to a story but cant get it here in Jamaica.

  • Nila said:

    My husband is using Coconut oil for so many years, he is now 60 yr. and still have dark black & smooth hair, that is why I started selling on line herbal hair Oil, made out of 100% Coconut oil, blended with lots of herb, which nourishes hair, it is hair food. Thanks for sharing. our web site is HAIRCAREHERBALOIL.COM & e mail address is haircareoil456@gmail.com, I would love to help if any body need more information about hair. go visit haircareherbaloil.com and go to usages. Thanks

  • Esraa said:

    I got a coarse hair
    When I was a kid “9” my hair started to fall out and stopped in a limited length “short length”
    My mom tried many things, used every thing she know, asked a lot of people to help her and also cut the ends of my hair but she didn’t got any good results
    When l was 13 she gives up and started to relax my hair using a chemical relaxer
    It didn’t grow up it’s just that it was more easier to style
    I dunno why my hair grow from a way and fall in the other way so it still in it’s limited length
    We are in an arabic country and here they don’t have a lot of knowledge about black people hair so even when l go to a doctor she doesn’t really helped me

    But now l’m 23 and I really want to have a long hair seeing my sister and other girls around me with a long hair just bothering me and making me wandering why l can’t have a long hair like them.
    I have stopped relaxing my hair for 8 months now but it’s really hard l can’t take it any more, so l’ll back to relaxing it
    And I really started to search with my weak English language about useful things to help me and I found this site and I found a topic about ” taking care of a relaxed hair” so yea that mean I can relax and grow my relaxed hair
    But really do you have any good things can help me so I don’t fail at the end
    Knowing that my country don’t have any knowledge about black people hair is really disappointing me.
    So please can you help me with your knowledge.
    I really want a long hair

  • Helen said:

    Girl, you’re GREAT! Thanks so much for all this info I’m learning about. I’ve been struggling for years to figure out my greying hair problem. The info you provide here is fantastic, Thank you!

    Now tell me: How do you get a book out every 45 days? Just amazing. I’m an aspiring writer myself (in spirit) and wonder what kind of process this entails given all else I have to do to keep my head above water, pay bills, etc. You know the drill. So I’m asking for advice and suggestions in how to strategize my time and start. Would appreciate it. Thanks in advance Brenda.

    Best of 2016,

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Helen,

      You are welcome!
      You made me laugh out loud! I will answer this question over at brenda-barrett.com, if I can find the time!

  • Keirah said:

    Hi Brenda? i sent u aquestion and i would be greatful recieving your reply .thank u

  • ken said:

    im currently using castor oil mixed wit rosemary oil to restore my hair. would i get better results with PEPPERMINT oil mixed with castor oil instead?

  • Jennifer said:

    Hi there
    Can i please speak with the admin or editor of blackhair101
    i have also sent you a message on your facebook page and waiting for the reply.

  • propa said:

    really learned a lot. tnx

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