5 Easy Ways to Thicken Relaxed Hair

There are several ways to thicken relaxed hair without breaking the bank or weighing yourself down with unnecessary products. If you are a person who might not have a lot to spend on expensive treatments and you want to have thick lustrous hair in a short space of time then here are three ways that can improve your hair’s condition. Let me say though, that the best solution for healthy hair, skin and nails is a balanced diet, excellent nutrition and exercise. When you have those things squared away, your hair will feel and look better, your new growth will be thicker and your hair will have a good feel. However, if your need for thick hair is imminent, try these methods:

1. Stretch the time between your relaxers

This is the best advice I have ever gotten and it really made a difference to the thickness of my hair. A hairdresser friend of mine after listening to my hair woes threw up her hands in the air and asked-didn’t you know that the longer you stretch your hair the thicker it will look?

Why? I had asked quite puzzled. She pointed out that overlapping of relaxed hair is a sure way to make the hair thinner over time so stretching between relaxers reduces the possibility of overlapping relaxed hair.

So, instead of relaxing hair every six weeks wait for a while. I started stretching between my relaxers up to 16 weeks, One year I stretched for a whole year. Now I do my hair three times every year. Next year I am planning to do it just twice for the year. Stretching can be annoying because you have to deal with the two hair textures but it is the best way to get your relaxed hair to be thick.

2. Forget about bone straight hair. There are some people who love the feel of straight silky bone straight hair. The truth is the straighter your hair, the more broken down the chemical has made it. Hence, the straighter the hair the more prone it is to damage. A simple solution to leave some body in processed hair is to texlax the hair.

Texlaxing is a technique that allows you to straighten you hair while leaving some texture behind. Texlaxing involves simply removing the relaxer chemical prematurely, that is if your hair took 15 minutes to relax then you can leave in the relaxer for 10 minutes instead, this means that the relaxer would not have broken down the hair completely, it would still leave some room for some of your curls. Another method to texlax is to place a layer of petroleum on the hair to be relaxed and this will prevent the relaxer from absorbing as quickly into your strands so the breaking down process will not be as rapid.  I guarantee that after a year or so of this method that your hair will improve vastly with texture.

3. Use castor oil and coconut oil as a hair thickener, add them to your conditioners, shampoos, moisturizers or use them straight after your hair is damp. Over time these natural volumizers will make even the thinnest hair appear fuller. Use sparingly though, as excess oil can weigh hair down and provide the opposite effect. My grandmother has never used any other oils and her hair is extremely thick. Of course, she makes them herself. These oils are known to thicken relaxed tresses. A good way to use the two oils to your advantage is to moisturize your hair with a water-based product and then add the oils to seal in the moisture. If used often enough in conditioners and even shampoos or as regular sealing agents in no time your strands will show marked improvements.

4. Hair Styles. Certain hair styles can make the hair appear fuller in appearance. Curly styles do wonders for thin looking hair. There are some curly styles that you can try to lift the appearance of hair and make it appear fuller.

5. Cut Straggly Ends- Sometimes uneven, chewed up looking ends, can render the overall appearance of hair to be thin- looking and spaced out. If you are reluctant to cut your hair and sacrifice length, do it in stages. A half inch every two months should still allow you to gain 3 inches of growth for the year if all else remains equal.

Other Unverified Suggestions:

Oat flour – two tablespoons added to conditioner is said to thicken hair.

Amla Oil- added to your pre-shampoo treatments is said to make a difference in the long term  thickness of your hair.


  • Rhona said:

    I have light thin hair and I dye just after relaxing so my hair easily becomes thin.any suggestions.

    • tiana said:

      you can just wash your hair every week nd set it up and make sure you moisturize it

  • Sonia said:

    Fab advice to date. I do the thin edges pre- condition and the Thursday night condition I’m now going to attempt to stretch my relaxer intervals from 6 to 8 weeks and beyond. My dilemma is, I exercise each day for 20 mins and swim once a week. I’ve started wearing it up to avoid heating appliances, by the end of the week my relaxed hair is a mess . any tips on caring for my hair so it looks better during the week please ?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Sonia,
      If you only knew how I struggled with this too. I am assuming that you sweat in your hair? My personal solution after trying everything was to rinse my hair with just water after a particularly intense sweating session. It is wet anyway so I reason why not just make it wet with water. I sometimes put conditioner on the rest of my hair for easy comb through and then I may braid it in sections or flat twist it in four. The next day I have clean and curly hair that still looks good till my next sweating session. Then I do it all again.

      • Nunurai said:

        Hi. I am from Zimbabwe and wanted to find out if there is a way to repair hair that has been overlapped. is there a sure way to repair and thicken hair that has been thinned by overlapping without actually cutting it? Also please may you show us a pic of how much hair remains on your comb everytime you comb your hair. It looks so lovely and thick

        • Brenda Barrett said:

          Hi Nunurai,

          My hair is really thick. These days I hardly comb out any. You can do biweekly protein treatments to strengthen the hair along the shaft. Be careful with the protein though, it can be counterproductive if you do not follow up with a good moisturizer.

  • Lex said:

    My relaxers are only good for about 3 or 4 weeks but I refuse to get a relaxer every 4-6 weeks. I have a different type of hair where it kind of tells me if I should wear it curly or straight because of my African Amercan and Native American roots. Sometimes I have “Black Hair” sometimes it goes the other way. I don’t know what to do with my hair!

  • Kalisha said:

    If I wait longer to relax my hair, how can I at least keep my edges looking straighter? Should I just stick with braid outs and curly styles when my hair gets harder to deal with because of the curly hair underneath?

    • Abena said:

      You can use edge control or gels to keep your edges looking good

  • Kim said:

    Is DOO GRO a product you would recommend for moisturizing your hair?

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