Begin Here For Longer Thicker Black Hair

The truth is, taking care of black hair whether natural or relaxed does not have to be hard and your hair can grow long and thick and look fabulous without having to buy any hair products at all or as little as possible.


My hair grew when it was natural and it grew when it was relaxed and in both states, when my hair did the very best, I used minimal hair products. As a matter of fact, since I have gone to the opposite of the established practices and started to whip up my own concoctions in the kitchen from my weekly groceries I have gotten some good results.


There are many persons who are just coming to a realization of hair care and want to have a step-by-step guide on how to proceed. This is a suggestion of where to begin. On this site, the push is really to take care of your hair with the bounteous things of nature and to do it with as little fuss as possible.

The Basics:

What Is The Secret To Having Long Thick Relaxed Hair-Part One

What Is The Secret To Having Long Thick Relaxed Hair- Part Two

Understanding Hair

Black Women Hair Care – 7 Hair Facts You Should Know

Hair Types

How To Have A Healthy Hair Scalp

How To Achieve Healthy Hair Ends

Moisture and Hair

Protein and Hair

Moisture and Protein Maintaining The Balance

Oils Explained

Oils vs Moisture

Natural Products?

Hair Regimens Why You Should Have One


  • Hanna said:

    love your new picture. and i love your hair πŸ˜€

  • Mandy said:

    Hi, I was thinking about putting my hair in extensional braids and u wanted to know how to take care of my hair and scalp in that setting. Thank you

  • Monica Richard said:

    Hi Brenda

    I want to grow out my relaxed hair. I want to know, how to maintain my hair during the transition. My hair is pretty light, so I was thinking of straightening it instead,although I know the heat is bad, my only worry is the regrowth and I dont want an afro, or to wear my hair in braids. The relaxer is ruining my hair, its breaking and different lenghths as a result. I use Olive Oil relaxer. I wear extension hair clips and wish to continue, but as I’ll be growing out the relaxer, the difference in hair texture (weave and natural hair) will be visible. Please help, me I’m at my wits end. Also how do I know if I have split ends. Sorry for such a long post. I want to go to the hairdresser but I cant afford to.


  • trey said:

    Hi Miss Brenda,
    I just had blonde hair and put the beautiful collection in my hair in jet black, and cut my hair to a very short pixie (I’m African American). Very short. I happen to have worn my hair short, in various shades, for over 25 years (I’m no spring chicken lol). But I am at a point where I would like to truly grow my hair out. I like my hair flat on my head, which is the main reason why I have always relaxed my hair. From reading your information I have been overprocessing my hair across the board (dyes, and relaxer). I have been using the Dominican hair products, along with the various oils (moska, wheat germ, aloe vera, cinnamon, and such)for the last year or so, and have no complaints. Today I threw out my gel after reading your information……

    I would like to know how I can grow my hair out, and stretch my relaxer as far as possible, PLEASE.

    I am not ready to wear my hair kinky natural at this time : )

    After reading your site today, I am not sure if I should be using these products at this time.

    I have Crece Pelo, La Bomba, Silicon Mix to name a few.

    I am hoping I receive a reply from you, with an outline of what direction I am to take regarding my hair. I am willing to use the Beautiful Collection in Jet Black, so I do not have to deal with “roots”.

    Thank you kindly.

  • sima said:

    hey Brenda!!
    i love reading your posts.
    im an Israeli Ethiopyan and i have very dry hair.i would love to know how can i contact you about hair .

    plz email me if you

    god bless you!take care.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Sima,
      Thank you for stopping by. My email address is admin@blackhair101. It takes me a little while to answer from there though but I will get to it.

  • Razzi said:

    oh my goodness i love coming to read your posts all the time. Everyday i literally run home to come look to see if there is anything new i can actually learn about my hair. Im so glad i have found this site and im so glad you made this site. If i could just see you in person i would probably cry because using your recipes for my hair has made it wayyyy better then it was before i did the hot oil treatment and my hair looks so much better and the funny thing is everybody at school says my hair looks alot healthier then it actually looks so much better and they asked what was my secret and i said it wasnt mine it was my new idiol Brenda aha. I want to thank you so much for everything i appreciate it really without you i would probably be on my last strand of hair at this moment. All i have to do is the tea rinse my hair im so excited for it… One day i hope we meet so i can thank you the right way

    Love your biggest fan in the wholeeee wide worldddddd Razzi <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Eni said:

    i guess cos u don’t comment on other blogs. its taken me so long to find yours and trust me i follow about 100 bloggers lol
    This blog is a great find

    anyway any ideas of what oils are great for tighten skin and reducing stretch marks after childbirth? PLS REPLYYYYY

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Eni,
      Coconut oil is recommended as a good oil for this but I hear that the butters (cocoa, shea, mango, hemp) works wonders for stretch marks too.

  • Monique said:

    I wanted to know when can I perm my hair after I have wet it like everyday. I haven’t wet my hair in two days. How long should I wait?

  • Grace said:

    Hi brenda, I came across ur site mistakenly and iv been stuck since then , I always go there to check wats new, I want to ask if its cool to keep my hair for six mnths post relaxer before doing another touch up and how do I keep moisture in? Need a reply ASAP thanks

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Grace,
      My hair is six months post relaxer right now, I keep moisture in with my water based moisturizer and then seal with an oil. Do it as often as your hair feels dry to the touch. There are some liquid moisturizers that work especially well at this time, like S-Curl activator (if you can stand the smell) or you can make your own- here’s the link Basic Homemade Moisturizer

  • Ashley said:

    I’m 13 years old and I have relaxed hair but its damaged it touches my shoulders just a little bit I want it to grow long and healthy but we don’t have the money for me to go a lot what home materials can I use and how often should I wash it I go swimming a lot during the summer time I really don’t wrap a lot can u tell me every thing I need to do even the daily care sorry I commented late but I’m kinda embarrassed

  • grace_v said:

    Good evening

    I am from south africa and I never knew of water spritz before. I know green tea has many benefits. However I make a half a cup of green tea and let it cool after that add aloe vera juice and pour it in spray bottle.I have read about benefit green tea rinse after co washing as a final rinse. However very few people use green tea in water spritz.are there benefits ?I don’t know why its not popular and its concerning me.

    I have been natural for five years and growth of natural hair of african american is remarkable. mine hasn’t reached shoulder length and reason was I never trimmed it. I follow naptural85 as I strongly believe in DIY homemade treatments. Don’t purchase or use store products.

    She doesn’t use green tea water spritz and havnt found vlogger that does. Why is that?

  • Lidos said:

    Hey I get my perm every 6 weeks as in a month and its like a inch of new growth each time but it doesn’t seem like my hair is growing like I want it to… What should I do?

  • Milly said:

    Hi Brenda, this is my first time of coming here and av been seeing defferent kind of testimonies about hair. I fixed a weavon by using bonding directly to my natural hair. I removed the weavon after 3weeks, but when I loss my I noticed that the bonding damages my hair and cut of my front hair. Now is been 3months that I have relaxed my hair last. Pls what can I do? Should I relax it with the remaining bonding on the hair or what? And to tell u the truth I have not been using any treatment to my hair. Pls help me

  • Milly said:

    I want an healthy, long, soft and black hair. What can I do to have those thing?

  • Sudha said:

    Hello Brenda,
    I have 2C type long natural hair. From the test you have suggested, I have come to know that my hair lack both moisture and protein content. can you please suggest a good hair regimen for my hair.

  • Sudha said:

    Hello Brenda,

    Your website is very informative and I liked it very much. I have 2C type, long, natural hair. I am 28 year old. Based on the tests you have suggested I think my hair lacks both moisture and protein. Can you suggest a proper hair regimen for me.

  • tanzania said:

    Hi I’m Tanzania and thank u for site.I am African American and 4c hair.the most difficult and kinky of hair gets dry easily.hurts to comb and shrinks.I relax my 1inch hair to strtch it out .it would be a centimetersif I didn’t relax it.I relax every 1 half months.but I cut my hair every time I see celebrity with shaved sides.I love weave but I don’t want to hide behind it.I also do braidless bead sewins so my hair actually grows I’m trying a Afro weave but I feel so confused if I have relaxed hair under a kinky Afro weave.can u PLEASE HELP!!!!!!1!!!!!!! …thank u:FREE

  • ArielB said:


    Wasn’t sure where to post this. I would like to know what/how to grow out my 17month old baby’s hair. I’m not a diva mom, lol neither am I in a hurry per se, I would just like to start out right for her. Right now I wash her low cut hair everyday with regular bath gel or Sometime Africa best kids shampoo and apply a mixture of ‘castor and almond oil to her slightly damp hair. The hair on d sides of her head is growing ever so slowly as well. Thanks

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi ArielB,
      Your daughter’s hair will grow out, your regimen sounds okay. I will post a more detailed toddler regimen under the regimen tab.

  • esther said:

    yes Brenda, my hair looks very soft and light i want a hair relaxer
    product which can strengthen it and also makes it healthy

  • Oluwatoyin said:

    please my hair is getting weak and break and in the cause of changing relaxer. can you prescribe relaxer i can be using so as to make to make it straight and shining long hair and that will also add body to my hair.Thanks

  • Zareen said:

    Hi Brenda. I’m 27 year old housewife and my problem is that my natural hair colour which was jet black has turned dark brown after being abroad for 3 years. I know natural colour changes if you are in the sun too much, but i mostly was indoors.

    Why is that and how do I get it back to normal? Please help. Thank you.

  • Sabrina99 said:

    I want to make my own natural shampoo and conditioners. I have biracial type hair (more ethnic) so is it safe for me to use essential oils from Michaels to out in my shampoos and conditioners that I’m going to make?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Sabrina,

      I can’t advise about Michaels but I would suggest that you research if they are real essential oils before you buy them.

  • Milisha Butner said:

    my name is Milisha and I’m wanting my hair to be longer. I’ve been taking biotin for a few weeks now and I had my ends trimmed. I tend to straighten every now and then. I make sure to as my hair every other two weeks. I don’t know what else to do for my hair. I have thick hair and don’t want to loose my thick hair. I would love it if you helped.

  • eze eunice said:

    Hi brenda am a starter , I want to to give me a guide on how to grow my hair from the start, am on low cut now ,I ve not appplied any relaxer.. Tanx

  • Naisia said:

    Hey Brenda I really have damaged hair from lots of perms it’s not looking good I need my healthy hair back I need products thanks

  • Ivette said:

    I am Mexican, I have a stepdaughter, she is Cuban. Her hair is fried. I don’t know anything about Afro hair or if I am not sure if I am even saying it correctly. Please help me, I want her to have beautiful hair.

  • elleon said:

    Hi, I just found this and I am loving it.
    I have relaxed hair but I feel like its not growing.What do I do to make my hair grow really long and heathy?Please help

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