Hair and Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

Have you ever gotten an honest to goodness scalp massage that has you purring in your stylist chair not wanting her to stop, as you feel curiously light, like all is well with the world. Massaging the scalp does not only feel good, it keeps hair healthy and it promotes hair growth. When you massage the scalp, the hair follicles are stimulated; new blood is circulated, oxygen reaches the follicles and your hair root has a party. Oxygen and blood at hair root means a hair growth party. You get the picture; scalp massages are very beneficial to your hair.

Scalp massages are especially good for persons with dry hair. Regular scalp massages increases the amount of sebum that is produced in the hair follicle. This sebum is the natural oil produced by the body. By the same token if you have oily hair you should not do regular scalp massages as it can cause an overproduction of sebum.

You can incorporate scalp massages in your daily routine, you don’t have to wait on your stylist to give you a good head massage or until you have a headache, just schedule a massage session of ten minutes daily, get your essential oil and your favorite soothing music and go at it. As with every massage session there is a technique. Here are two ways:

The Friction Massage

The friction massage requires you to move from the front to the back of your head. Rub your hands with oil, there are specific oils that you can use for specific hair problems, Best Essential Oils For Hair Massage will give more details. For this massage use the balls of the fingers (not the finger tips) in rapid movements over the scalp. Move the fingers in circular movements firmly over the whole scalp starting from the front of the head and moving back to the nape of the neck. Do not move hands too vigorously and always make sure that your hands are coated with oil.

The Kneading Massage

My favorite massage, just thinking about it, makes me feel as if I deserve one. You will need both hands for this one, using the balls of the fingers (not the tip, where your nails are) spread them out over the scalp and then press firmly on your scalp and move the fingers over the scalp. Knead your head in a firm movement, slow movement; your scalp should be doing most of the movement not your fingers. Do this movement on different sections of the head until all your head is massaged.

Rotating Action: The fingers of one hand can move in one direction, e.g. clockwise, and the fingers of the other hand can move in the other direction. Keep the fingers of one hand still while the other rotates and visa versa.

Start at the nape of the neck and then move up to the front of the head. This scalp massage is very effective to release stress in the neck and head area and it stimulates the glands and muscles in your head and neck area.

Don’t be too vigorous with any of your massages and remember to massage the scalp not your hair.