How To Do Curly Hairstyles With Relaxed Hair

Curly is how I love to wear my relaxed hair. When I do it once for the week it stays curly all week and I do not have to comb it until wash day. I truly believe that this is the best way to wear my hair when hair is post relaxer six weeks. It is the best way for me to handle the two textures and to avoid those two things that usually affect retention: combing and handling of hair. I usually start my curly hairstyles with lots of moisture via deep conditioning and then seal it with my castor oil. In that way, I do not have to do anything with it all week. Here are the steps for four of my curly hairstyles:

Braid Out Styles

There are two types of braid outs, ordinary three section plaits and cornrow plates. They both look good when done properly and are a hard hairstyle to mess up.

STEP 1- Wash Hair with natural shampoo. You can use whatever shampoo you want to but the adage on this site is ‘the less chemicals in shampoo the better’. Wash hair only once, see how to shampoo hair for further details.

Braid Out Hair Style

STEP 2- Condition Hair– Don’t just use an ordinary run of the mill conditioner, use a deep conditioner. I use a select few deep conditioners based on my hair needs at the time (protein or moisture).

STEP 3- Go under the overhead dryer for fifteen minutes to deep condition or put hair in a shower cap and then allow your body heat to penetrate for two to three hours. I usually do this.

STEP 4- Rinse out deep conditioner and air dry hair.

STEP 5- Your hair should be soft and well moisturized. When hair is partially dry it should still feel silky. Apply your favorite oil to seal in this lovely moisture. I use castor oil for sealing. I usually use coconut oil for my weekly hot oil treatments.

STEP 6- Part hair in small or large sections and then cornrow it. The bigger the parts the bigger the waves the smaller the parts, the tinier the waves. To achieve the style above I did my hair in 10 parts.

Wavy Hair


STEP 7- Air dry hair and loose out when you are ready.

Setter Waves

This style usually adds volume and bounce to  hair.

STEP 1- Wash hair with natural shampoo.

STEP 2- Condition Hair- deep condition with a moisture rich deep conditioner. For this style I used Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise Treatment, 16 Ounce

STEP 3- Rinse out hair after you have either used the over head dryer for fifteen minutes or allowed your body heat to steam hair.

STEP 4- Set hair with medium sized rollers (not the jumbo ones or the tiny ones) and allow to air dry or go under the dryer for 30 minutes and then air dry.


Crunched hair Style


If you really want volume, you can try the crunched look. This requires minimum fuss for me in the week and is so easy to do. This style was created on a previously done curly style.

STEP 1- Spray hair with a combo of water and oil (I used coconut oil) until slightly damp.

STEP 2- Part hair in six sections.

STEP3- Plait hair and leave to air dry.

There are times when I like to wear my hair short and wavy and this style is possible without cutting off the hair. I follow all the steps for the crunched style above and then I chiny bump (bantu knot) the end of the hair and stick a pin it to keep up each knot.

Tiny Waves on Hair


Usually I part the hair into twelve or thirteen so that my curls can be thinner. Please use lots of moisture before attempting this one and do not make the mistake of combing this style out. It is better to wash it out instead.


  • Rose said:

    How often do you relax your hair?

    • lexi said:

      On this website it said to relax your hair 3 times a year which is every 4 months, I personally relax my hair ranging from every 3 to 4 months, allowing your to rest between relaxers.

  • Jasmine Taylor said:

    with the curly styles, how to keep them looking good for a whole week, or do you have to re-braid or re-twist every night? To avoid frizz do you moisture your hair and seal it when needed throughout the week? How do you sleep on the curls?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Jasmine,
      I do nothing really, but sleep in one of silk hooded caps. Some days if my curls look dull I lightly (has to be ) spritz with a moisturizer and seal with oil.

  • Darlaine said:

    Hello I would like to know what you do with your hair at night when you wear a braid out? Do you finger comb and braid them again? Because I’m trying not to comb everyday but find it hard to achieve

  • Sweetgal said:

    Yea, same question as Darlaine

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Sweetgal and Darlaine,
      When I do a braid out the curls usually last for four or so days and still look fresh. I lightly bunch my hair up in a ponytail and then I cover with a satin cap. In the morning I finger comb, if by any chance it looks awful by day 3 (which it does sometimes especially after gym) I rinse out and re-braid.

  • Lisa said:

    I haven’t had a perm in 6 months. My question is I would like to get highlights but, should I put a perm in first and wait 2 weeks or get the highlights and perm later?

  • Pamela said:

    Hi Brenda. My hair is relaxed, a little past shoulder length. The right side of my hair is so much thinner than the left side, and it is so very obvious. Please help.

  • Lusungu said:


    Do you seal your hair with oil before you use the hair drier for the setter waves?

  • Jada said:

    hey, im 13 and i have natural wavy/curly hair and im mixed with white and black and my hair is think at the roots but thin at the ends i had a relaxer put in my hair like last year or the year before and now my hair will curl but only to a certain length and then its completely straight and im going back to natural but i dont know what to do

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