10 Foods You Can Use in Your Hair

One of my very best pastimes is to experiment with natural ingredients on my hair. I get really excited when I learn that fruits, vegetables, spices and other food that I have in my kitchen can be used in my hair. Since, I eat them, I have no qualms in trying them on my head, if it is safe for stomach it should be safe for head. Some of the foods on this list might be well known to you. Others may be a bit surprising.

Recently, I tried cinnamon and Jamaican Sorrel hair mask  for a lighter look to my tresses with red highlights and it really works (after about 6 applications). I will share the recipe later.

These are the foods that you can both use for food (internally) and put on your hair (externally). I only came up with 10 but there are lots more.

1. Banana

Banana is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins that helps in softening the hair and protects the hair’s natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage. Bananas enhances the sheen of the hair, encourages growth and controls dandruff. Here are two recipes utilizing banana externally, Tutti Frutti Deep Conditioner Recipe and Homemade Hair Relaxer.

2. Beet

Beets are high in carbohydrates, low in fat and it is an excellent source of folic acid. It is chockfull of other wondrous nutrients such as beta-carotene, folic acid, chlorophyll, potassium, vitamin C, and iron and it is loaded with antioxidants. The beauty about beet for hair is that it has a lovely red color that when used overtime can give black hair a nice burgundy tint. To use it is simple, blend it, juice it and then apply to damp hair (using a spray bottle) and then wrap hair in a plastic cap and rinse out after three to four hours. After four to six applications you can see the burgundy color peeping through. Throw away the synthetic dyes and try the beet for a nice, rich burgundy tint.

3. Carrot

Carrot contain carotene, a chemical that is converted into vitamin A by the body, this veggie can improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails and it does a whole host of good when taken internally. Externally, it is still wondrous, the pure carrot juice (juiced without trash) can be added to your favorite deep conditioner as a way to give your hair an extra boost of nutrients. It can also be mixed with beet to color hair or used by itself to restore limp hair. Just juice two or three carrots, put juice in a spray bottle and apply to damp hair, let it sit on hair for two to four hours and then rinse out. Style as usual. Never let your carrots spoil in the fridge again.

4. Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is made from the third boiling of the sugar syrup and is therefore the concentrated byproduct left over after the sugar’s sucrose has been crystallized. Blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of manganese and copper. It is a very good source of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. In addition, blackstrap molasses is a good source of vitamin B6 and selenium. Take it internally and it does wonders for your immune system and body in general and best of all it can be used externally for your hair. It helps to darken the hair and define your natural hair color. There are several reports from persons who were completely gray who used blackstrap molasses and their gray hair reverted to its natural shade. Used by itself or added to conditioners blackstrap molasses adds softness and sheen to hair. It is also a well known hair strengthener and it improves thinning hair. This recipe is a good way to incorporate it in your hair regimen: Hair Growth Deep Conditioner Recipe

 5. Milk (Cow and Soya)

cow’s milk contains proteins and lipids which work to strengthen hair, while the calcium promotes hair growth and aids in preventing hair loss. Milk also contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, biotin and potassium all of which work together to keep hair soft and shiny. Externally milk can put on hair, added to conditioners or used by itself or combined with eggs for a protein treatment.

If you are lactose intolerant or strict vegan and you do not have cows milk in your pantry, soya milk is a great option to drink and use on hair, when we drink soymilk our body breaks down isoflavones and a compound equol is developed. This compound blocks a form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is related to baldness and prostrate cancer. Real organic, unflavored soymilk can be added to conditioners, or with bananas and molasses for a super conditioner.

 6. Coconut Cream

Coconut is an outstanding food. It can be used in so many ways and contains so many nutrients. The oil of coconuts is usually used on hair but the cream is a lesser known entity. If you have a whole coconut in your kitchen you can get the cream by cutting up a brown (dry coconut) and running it through a juicer. The white, thick juice that is left is pure milk, left to sit at room temperature the cream will separate from the oil. If this is too much work, you can buy organic coconut milk from your local grocers. Use it in your curry dishes or your desserts or use it on your hair. The following recipe is an example:

Coconut and Yogurt Conditioner For Transitioning Hair

7. Avocado

There are so many things that can be said of avocado, it is rich in several vitamins, copper and potassium. It contains oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fat. The avocado will strengthen hair and make it soft and silky. Most importantly, it is a delicious addition to salads, eaten with breads or eaten by itself,  this food is so delicious in so many dishes and yet it is also a very great addition to a hair regimen. Once, the avocado is in season do not miss the opportunity to try it out. This recipe is a sterling example: Avocado Hair Conditioner Recipe.

8. Yogurt

Apart from being a quick breakfast fix yogurt is a proven treasure-trove of enriching elements like zinc, calcium, lactic acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B-6 and B-12, protein, and yeast. Yogurt promotes hair growth, and makes it easy to comb hair and get rid of knots. To get a super smooth result, put about half a cup of whole yogurt in a blender and half of an avocado and 1 tablespoon of honey. Coat your hair with it, wrap your hair in a plastic cap and then wash your hair thoroughly after about 1 hour.

9. Jamaican Sorrel

This is the time of year when this hibiscus is generally widely available in the tropics and in ethnic stores. Apart from its various benefits soothing colds, opening blocked nose, clearing up mucous and promoting proper kidney function. This herb is so delicious as a tea or a drink. To prepare it is simple, pour boiling hot water over the flowers, leave to soak overnight or for up to six hours. The resulting liquid is blood red and contains a host of nutrients. This liquid can be used on hair as a conditioner by itself. It can sit on hair for an hour or more after shampoo, added to conditioner along with cinnamon it can give hair a reddish tint. It gives natural hair a good slip.

10. Eggs

Egg is the super food for hair; it is beneficial in so many ways and is one of the best sources of protein for hair, additionally it contains a treasure trove of various vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for healthy hair. Vitamins A, B, D and E are very present in this food, they help to treat hair loss, increase oxygen supply and improve blood circulation on the scalp, the fatty acids in egg makes hair shiny and manageable, fight dandruff and flaky scalp.





  • Miossoty said:

    Never did like sorrel much but will try it on hair Christmas!

  • ali said:

    okay so what happens wheen the banana is stuck in your hair!!!!!!!!!! :O

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Ali,
      Cuss the person who told you about it 🙂 Just kidding. I actually had a banana incident my first time doing it. I blended the banana, with those little strings at the side and when it still had chunks. Bad idea. My new resolve is to only use overripe banana take off the strings at the sides and make sure that it is watery when I blend it. No solid particles whatsoever. I only persevere with the long processing because I know the banana works.

  • Nerline said:

    Now you can add plain yogurt and mayo. Yey!!

  • Genevieve said:

    I tried the beets but it DIDN’T work I tried to color my hair but it ended up hard after 2 showers! HELP

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Did you try the beets with any other product like conditioner or just plain beets? If it is plain beets, just use a moisturizing conditioner to restore the hair. If it is that you used a protein conditioner with the beets, try to DC with the moisturizing conditioner until your hair comes back.

  • Melissa said:

    Has any one heard of putting Jagger (indian sweet) on hair?

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