Cocoa Butter Hair Benefits

Cocoa butter is an undisputed skin care ingredient, its benefits for skin are widely known and people use it lavishly for its superior moisturizing properties. The cocoa butter has a high Vitamin E content and it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Cocoa butter is known as the skin healing butter because of its anti-wrinkle and premature aging busting properties, pregnant women use cocoa butter for stretch marks or persons who have stretch marks in general know that this butter is the one to use. So what on earth does cocoa butter have to do with hair?

Well, apparently hair manufacturers are one step ahead of us and have been using cocoa butter for years as a common ingredient in conditioners; hair oils and other hair care products. Why? Because cocoa butter increases the resilience of hair and adds volume to it. All of that fatty content in cocoa butter makes the hair look shiny and increases the tensile strength of hair.

Cocoa butter is created from hydraulic pressings of the cocoa nib from cocoa beans, which are further refined through filtering or centrifuge. Cocoa beans are 15 percent fat and has a shelf life of two to five years.

Benefits To Hair

Cocoa butter contains a whole host of nutrients including protein, potassium, calcium, vitamins, magnesium and copper. It is a good hair moisturizer; it is very effective against dry, itchy scalp. The beauty about this butter is that it restores moisture without clogging the pores on your scalp and due to its fatty content and high nutrition; cocoa butter stimulates the growth of hair follicles, which makes it a key ingredient in some hair loss applications. Additionally, it increases hair flexibility and like castor oil it increases hair thickness. Cocoa butter is very good at protecting hair from chemical and chlorine damage. Hard water with high amounts of chlorine can damage hair, cocoa butter when applied to hair before shampoo, or swimming in a pool can act as a very effective barrier.

Cocoa Butter Hair Uses

Cocoa butter can be applied to hair overnight as a pre-poo treatment to make even the driest hair feel softer.

It can be used in shampoos, conditioners and in conjunction with other hair butters as a moisturizing treatment. It can also be used directly on scalp and massaged into the hair.


  • Storm said:

    I melt cocoa butter and fill a small spray bottle with 50/50 cocoa butter and cyclomethicone and then spray a tiny squirt into the palm of my hand to lightly massage it through the ends of wet, freshly washed hair.

    Never need to use any other styling product, it’s wonderful.

  • Storm said:

    p.s. Forgot to say, that I also use it over the rest of my body after a shower. One homemade product to do all that 🙂 (cyclomethicone can be purchase online, usually via online soap crafting suppliers – and contrary to scare campaigns, it’s a silica, yes, but it’s molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin. It merely evenly distributes your oils and then it evaporates slowly away).

  • CarlyB said:

    Thank God for Cocoa butter! I have noticed my grey hairs are less grey and my brown hair is more brown. The 4c texture is so manageable that it almost feels like a different texture; especially after shampooing, which is easier too! Amazing as a scalp moisturizer after a light peppermint oil spritz for a special chocolate mint spa for my hair. I put my hair in to twists and cover with silk cloths and just melt into my pillow for sweet dreams~SOFT SHINY HEALTHY HAPPY hair is the crown you grow. Great spa treatment for uneven length transitioning hair. Regular scalp massages are important.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Amen CarlyB 🙂

    • Mary B said:

      Thank you so much for this information I added it to my sheabutter about 3weeks ago I am so happy with the results. My hair stays moisturizer longer I see a difference it’s soft, shiny, healthy happy hair for me and my family we are loving it. Also added in my condition, yeesss.

  • Chrissy said:

    I melted it down and mix it with coconut oil, my growth olive oil, soy bean oil, and a small amount of plain EVOO for my hot oil treatment. My hair is softer and thicker. Its stays moisturized longer, and doesn’t break as often. I do this treatment once a month but use the cocoa butter and my growth olive oil daily. My hair is natural and I have noticed a big change in my hair. I’m 21 and my hair has never grown this fast or this thick ever. Love it!

  • elle said:

    I started using the Palmer’s cocoa butter on my dreads and it softens them wonderfully for days on end! Plus, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling all greasy. I love it.

  • rubi said:

    hello 🙂 am i able to use cocoa butter on my hair to make it a bit easy to brush in the morning and just go because i have to leave early most days and i dont have time to wash it out (only in the qeekwnds) but my hair gets very dry if i dont put anything on it 🙁 is there a way i can just put some on and then comb my hair and brush it into a bun and go with it on my hair? or will it get all lumpy and make my hair look greasy?

  • Julius said:

    So what about a guy like me, who in October (2014) decided that I wanted to get away from playing it safe with the boring short cut and allow my hair to grow.This is the first time I have ever done this. I just need some suggestions as to how I can maintain a healthy, stretched fro and what I need to do to increase the speed of growth.

  • Rebekah Robinson said:

    Wow good information. I have a container of cocoa butter I am going to melt some and add it to my hair oil treatment. Lollllll. …..?….?

  • Tiffany said:

    Can i mix the palmers cocoa butter together with shea butter and put it in my hair, is it safe. I have been jsing cocoa butter on my. Skin for years amd it has worked wonders now i want to try it in my hair. What would you suggest

  • Sofia said:

    Hey thanks for such valuable information. Cacao Butter is magical. We use it in our products True Cacao””, ad are soooo, so happy with the results.

  • Kesi said:

    I made a combination of cocoa butter,Shea butter and coconut oil for my hair and body. And it is amazing. It moisturizers and softens my hair and body.

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