Coconut Milk Hair Benefits

Coconut milk in hair is nothing new for most people, it is much more common to use coconut milk in hair than other nut milks like almond and soya or animal milks like goat or cow. In fact there is an overwhelming love for coconut on a whole for hair care that I am sure that for some persons this article is familiar ground. Coconut is a super hair food because of its rich protein content, and minerals, it also very high in fats and produces a very rich oil that is said to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. When the milk of coconut is obtained and used on the hair, the hair gets the creaminess from the milk and the oil. In other words, the user gets everything from the milk.

What are the Benefits of Coconut Milk for Hair?

  • Controls and heals several scalp issues including dermatitis.
  • Stops hair shedding and breakage
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Makes the hair soft and supple
  • When mixed with lemon juice can loosen the curls in hair. Here is a recipe experimenting with the cream and oil of the coconut: Coconut and Yogurt Conditioner For Transitioning Hair
  • Reduces premature graying.
  • Very good deep conditioner because of its penetrative qualities.

How to Use Coconut Milk for Hair?

Coconut milk can be easily prepared if you have access to a whole coconut. The dried version of the coconut is best to use, they can be found at farmers markets and in some supermarkets. The dried meat can be cut up thrown in the blender with just enough water and then blended and strained. That’s it!

If left to sit for more than an hour the cream of the coconut will rise to the top, you can add this cream to your hair butters for dry hair treatments. You can add coconut milk to aloe vera and massaged into the scalp for itching hair, coconut milk can also be used as an overnight pre-poo treatment. Allow it to dry and then cover hair, wash out in the morning.

You can add coconut milk to your shampoos, conditioners or use by itself or with other natural ingredients as a deep conditioner.

Note: coconut contains a significant amount of protein; add moisture to your preparation like honey or vegetable glycerin or your favorite moisturizing conditioner to your concoction if using coconut as a deep conditioner to avoid your hair becoming hard or crunchy after a treatment.


  • LP said:

    Completely stumbled on your site looking up the best EOs to use in natural black hair preparations, but THANK YOU so much – you are the only person I have found that has a comment on how to stop crunchy hair when you use Coconut in your preparations. I’ve been trying to use coconut oil as the properties are so lauded but my skin doesn’t like it and I was beginning to think my hair didn’t either. I will now add some veg glycerin to my preps and hope this helps. PLEASE, if possible do a piece on the do’s and don’ts of using coconut oil/milk etc. The miracle properties are out there but little, to no guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls! Your site is a fabulous resource – thank you so much for it.

  • Lovely said:

    I have a question, I mixed shea butter with coconut milk and some honey, but I left it out overnight by mistake. Do you think it can still be used? In the morning, it looks like it was separating or kinda curdy.

  • Blackbeautiie said:

    Question: I am trying to make coconut milk a daily add on to my moisturizing regimen. I picked up the canned milk and then realized as a solid in the winter, it may solidify causing me to experience damage. Am I better off picking up the milk that is used for drinking since it has the milk with water and other ingredients that prohibit solidifying? ( I am looking to put it into a spray bottle to use daily)

  • Alicia said:

    Hi Brenda:

    First and foremost, thank you very much for your page. There is so much pertinent information that I needed available to me, now. It is great.

    I saw a deep conditioning treatment using (4) ingredients – Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil and Olive Oil. I already have all of the supplies on hand, but I do not know the proper amounts of each ingredient to use. Do you know the amounts that I should mix? Please advise. Thanks so much.

    Again, your page and information is fantastic! 😀

  • Sarah said:

    Love the post, and also the recommendation, that is why my hair always get hard before the treatment I never used a conditioning part with coconut milk, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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