Yogurt Hair and Skin Benefits

Since lately most of the homemade hair conditioner formulas that I have seen contain yogurt. I have used some of these formulas and found that my hair is soft and sleek after the process and it made me curious about yogurt. Could it be that yogurt has some magical effect on hair? What is in it exactly? Of course, I had to go researching because it is not enough for me to use something and not know what the benefits are to my hair and skin before I pile them on.

What I found was that the yummy yogurt that many of us eat for breakfast or for a snack during the day is made by the natural bacterial fermentation of milk. “Good” bacteria are put into milk, under controlled temperature conditions. The bacteria then ingest the milk sugar (lactose), for energy, and then release lactic acid as a “waste” product. It’s the lactic acid that acts on the milk protein to give yogurt its characteristic “tanginess” and texture.

I know that milk has a very long list of good benefits to skin, as queens in the past used to bathe in it for smooth, clear skin, so there must be something to the claim that yogurt is an outstanding skin and hair food. Yogurt has a long list of enriching elements like calcium, zinc, lactic acid, B Vitamins, protein and yeast.

Research suggests that yogurt with active cultures have several benefits to the body namely: gastrointestinal conditions, boost the immune system, discourage vaginal infections, helps to prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Yogurt is especially beneficial to the skin: it diminishes pore size, improves the overall texture of the skin, it can be used to teat acne and the scars from acne. Yogurt can be used to exfoliate the skin daily and to remove black and white heads. The following two recipes are very useful in reducing the appearance of dark spots and to hydrate the face.


Yogurt Face Mask

Hydrating Face Mask


1 tablespoon yogurt

2 tsp coconut oil (olive oil, castor oil works just as well)


Fade Dark Spots


1 tablespoon yogurt

2 tsp. Vitamin E oil

2 tbsp lemon/lime juice



Mix ingredients together and then spread it over damp face. Let it remain for five minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Your final rinse should be cool water to tighten pores.


Yogurt Hair Mask

Yogurt makes a great base for your homemade conditioner; it promotes hair growth, and makes it easier to comb out hair. The following recipe can accommodate your tea rinses and other additions. This recipe is pretty basic, oils can be added to make it more moisturizing and eggs and molasses can be added to it for it to be more protein based.


Basic Yogurt Hair Mask (Can Be Used Instead Of Conditioner)



1 cup whole milk yogurt

1 tsp lavender oil

2 tsp avocado oil

1 tsp rosemary oil



Blend ingredients together and apply it from roots to ends on damp hair. Cover with a plastic cap and allow for the oils to seep into the hair strands. You can leave it on hair overnight or wash it out after an hour or more. Style as usual.


  • Shayo said:

    With the Yogurt Hair Mask, do you have to apply it to wet hair? Also have to wash it out if you leave it in overnight?

    • Brenda said:

      Hi Shayo,
      It is better applied when your hair is damp, it goes on easier and it is less messy. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t wash it out after overnight use, so to be on the safe side, I would say wash it out after you leave it on overnight.

  • lebogang said:

    Hi shayo

    What a wonderfully and affordable mosturiser for hair and skin.

    Lebogang from kagiso

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