Black Tea Rinse and Rosemary For Darker Hair Color

There are many versions of this recipe and I have tried them all. Before I knew that black hair rinse was good for premature grayness I knew that it was excellent for shedding. Which makes this recipe an excellent alternative to premature grayness and shedding.

Black tea will temporarily darken your hair (whatever your starting color) and added with rosemary you will love the effects.


3 heaping tablespoons of loose black tea leaves

1 heaping tablespoon of rosemary leaves

4 cups boiling water



1. Steep black tea leaves and rosemary in boiling water for approximately 45 minutes.

2. Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo (no sodium lauryl sulphate) and rinse once.

3. Pour the black tea and rosemary mixture over your hair.

4. Leave the final rinse of black tea on your hair for 30 minutes bunched up under a plastic cap, then rinse with lukewarm water.

5. Style as usual.



  • Pearline Moore said:

    I have significant gray hair and use a no ammonia-no peroxide temporary color after relaxing (Rusk Anti-curl) and follow up with a permanent color (Herbatint/Brown) a week to 10-days later. Since a fair amount of color is removed during relaxing, would I be ok darkening my hair immediately after with the black tea/rosemary rinse?

    Thrilled to find today. Thanks for your help.


    Pearline Moore

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Pearline,
      Welcome to the site, I am happy that you stopped by. The black tea and rosemary rinse is fine to use after your relaxer, it will also condition your hair a bit too.

  • Kaylie said:

    Hi Brenda,

    i love this article on using black tea leaves and rosemary leaves, but i cant get the leaves can i use the tea bags and the dried rosemary. please rely.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Yes Kaylie, you can use those. I had the same talk with a friend of mine she said she just emptied a couple of tea bags and steeped them and her hair felt divine.

    • Helloword said:

      Go to China town or eBay.

  • Rachel said:

    Hi Brenda,
    I plan to use this rinse soon. I noticed that you did not mention to use a conditioner after the rinse. Is it okay to use a mild conditioner afterwards, so that my hair is not hard?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Yes Rachel, you can use a conditioner after the rinse, I know ladies who do this and it works for them. I usually do my rinses after the conditioner when my hair is all nice and supple and then do the rinse, leaving the product in my hair. I especially love the scent of this one.

  • DJ said:

    Thanks Brenda, can I use Rosemary Oil if I cannot get the leaves.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      DJ, most def! I have the oil, the leaves, the bush growing at the side of my house…everything…I use it all. I think I have an article dedicated to rosemary. My hair is a major fan of the oil.

  • Johnna said:

    Hi Brenda:

    I too was happy to happen upon your site. I accidentally permed and used a permanent color at the same time. Didn’t have my glasses that day. But nevertheless I am on the road of recovery. I had to have my hair cut into a short style due to the severe damage. I would like to know once I go back to perm and color. What can I do to have a long lasting color where it doesn’t look homemade and fade?

    Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  • Jenn said:

    Im in my early 40’s and my major problem is my gray hair. I started using chemical hair dye 20 yrs ago and now I want to use natural products. My question is how often can I use black tea and it ok if I use it everyweek? Right now my hair is terrible and im coloring it twice a month and its like punishing myself bcos the chemical is hurting my scalp.thanks

  • Uche said:

    The rosemary tea, how can one get them? Bcos the black tea is available in different products.

  • himali said:

    Please help me iam from israel. Here don’t have rosemary leves .can I use olive oi

    • Helloword said:

      Get some seeds from eBay and grow your own or go to the market.

  • himali said:

    Iam from haven’t rosemary.can I use olive oil levs

  • Cheryl said:

    I stumbled onto this site and see the mentionings of Black Tea…are you all talking about regular tea, like Lipton or Tetley? Regular or decaf? I am amazed, yet very curious!! I am highly considering trying this method/tea rinse!!

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Those brands do carry black tea. Actually the ones that are caffeinated are said to be even better for closing the hair cuticles! Have fun with it.

  • Gena said:

    Do you think the caffeine would affect me during pregnancy. Technically a pregnant woman can have 2 normal sized cups of coffee a day if she’s consumed much coffee b4 so I’m thinking that maybe once a week or biweekly using the black tea shouldn’t be a major. Do you have any insights on this?

  • Tracey Harris said:

    Hi, I have just read this article, plus the other one for darkening hair using ACV, rosemary and sage. I have quite a lot of grey hair. Can I use the black tea in addition to the recipe above? Thanks.

  • Banu said:

    Can we leave henna on hair overnight, I the head is wet for such a long time, it may weaken the hair roots..?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Banu,

      Yes you can leave it in overnight. No I don’t think it will weaken your hair roots if your hair is healthy.

  • Sabis said:


    hopefully you are still responding to request. How often can you use this rinse.

  • Maddi Skarphol said:

    Will using this rinse affect how a perm takes? I have been told using henna can leave a residue so that using a perm or other chemical colors may not work, just wondering about tea? Thanks

  • Lisa said:

    Hi brenda

    can i find either of the two leaves in Jamaica?

  • Belinda said:

    Can I do the tea rinse first and after 1 hour or 2hour can I shampoo and condtion.

  • Nancy Brew Schwall said:

    Hi-I love your site!I havea color that is a lightbrown w/red highlights & a small amount(though its growing) of grey.I have seen that black tea can bring out maroonish color. Do you have advice on how to bring maroon out using black tea? Deeply appreciate your response. Thanx

  • Andinie said:

    Hi Brenda, I have a black hair. Ever since I mix my shampoo with rosemary my hair is lighten up and becoming brunette. Does this affected by rosemary? Thanks

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Andinie,
      Rosemary is not known to leech the color from hair, in fact it does the exact opposite. However, strange things have happened. Stop adding the rosemary in your shampoo for a while and see if your hair color improves. If not, it may be something else. And if you find out what it is, share it with us, some persons would not mind a color change. 🙂

  • Lily said:

    Hi brenda
    Why should we not use that kind of shampoo

  • Jeanette Mathews said:

    Iam 68 years old, had grey and thinning hair which seemed to shed a bit, and my hair tended to dryness.
    NOW, a few months later, my hair is thicker, and is A LOT darker. This is what I do: I ONLY wash my hair now with one egg yolk combined with a cup of beer, ONLY rinse my hair with very cool to cold water, ( I NEVER comb through my hair when it is wet.) When it has dried, I use this black tea/rosemary rinse and spray my hair until it is soaking wet again. When half-dried, I comb through it with a VERY WIDE-toothed comb, and either style it with curlers or leave it to dry again. I ONLY use hair curlers (velcro type is good) and NEVER use a hair dryer or other heated tools in my hair care. But I do also do a once-a-month, simple coconut oil-based recipe as a general maintenance procedure. I always am complimented on my hair. I’m a happy ‘lil ole lady!!!!!!!!!!! (Beer tends to dry hair out a bit, that’s why the added egg yolk will nourish. The slightly drying effect of the beer prepares your hair to accept/absorb better the dark staining properties of the rosemary and black tea. Beer, egg, rosemary and black tea have, each in their own right, several and amazing benefits for your hair!

  • linda said:

    Is there a difference between using dry herbs vs fresh ?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      For hair rinses not really. Though dry herbs are more potent than fresh herbs. With dry herbs you will need less of it because it is more concentrated than fresh herbs.

  • Cynthia Burnside said:

    Love the great and seemingly safe ideas for the hair

  • Cynthia Burnside said:

    About to try this,hoping for great results, will update when done.

  • Grace Ogbuogebe said:

    Please how where can get henna, indigo,black tea and rosemary leaves

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