Avocado Hair Conditioner Recipe

Here is my favorite moisturizing conditioner recipe. If my hair is in the 15th or 16th week post relaxer, I usually need an intense moisture treatment; this conditioner recipe usually does the trick. It is easy to make and you can save leftovers in an airtight container for the next treatment.

Avocado Conditioner Recipe


½ cup peeled and mashed ripe Avocado

1 cup Coconut milk

1 tbsp. coconut oil (optional)


Directions:Avocado hair conditioning recipe

Slice avocado in chunks and place in blender along with coconut milk and oil. Blend on low speed for a minute or until smooth. Put mixture in a saucepan and stir until warm.  Massage into hair. Cover hair with shower cap for an hour and then shampoo and rinse out.

Ingredients Benefits

Avocado – These are rich in several vitamins, copper and potassium. It contains oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fat. The avocado will strengthen hair and make it soft and silky.

Coconut Milk – This is a great moisturizer and is also a great dry scalp and dandruff remedy.


  • Celisa said:

    Am loving the simplicity of the ingredients…! :0

    • Brenda said:

      Hey Celisa,

      That’s exactly what attracted me to the recipe and the fact that I could just go to my kitchen and whip up a batch for my hair.

  • Hair Flowers said:

    Instead of washing your hair with hair conditioner, is there another thing you can use to wash your hair with after shampooing that has the same effect as conditioner? Thanks!

    • Brenda said:

      Diluted apple cider vinegar would be a good option. I tried it today and my hair felt really soft and my scalp is clean.

  • Monique said:

    I have been reading about the various ingredients that you recommend, and I like the effects of many of them individually. Do you know of any recipes that use honey, coconut oil, bananas, and avocado? If so, can you post a recipe?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Monique,
      I usually try the recipes out before I post them. I am going to try these four and then give you my portions. I have scheduled this for next week Friday, looking forward to try it, the ingredients sound great.

  • christine said:

    i always tied my hair, since this was a policy in the school,how can i care/maintain my straight hair?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Christine,
      Hopefully this site can help you with suggestions to care and maintain your hair. There are various articles here that should help, start with the regimens. When you say tie, you mean combing it back in a ponytail or wearing a head tie? I am not too sure what you mean. If it is that you are required to wear a ponytail then I would suggest, not pulling your hair back too tight, use cloth covered scrunchies, do not part your hair in the same place everyday and remember to moisturize your hair ends and seal it with a natural oil.

  • Chantuesse said:

    Does my hair need to be wet before applying this conditioner?

  • Renny said:

    Hi Brenda! Thank you so much for all the information on this site. I tried the Avocado deep conditioning mixture above. It made my hair, especially my undergrowth so soft. Thanks for sharing

  • Helen Dike said:

    Will I heat the mixture?

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