Homemade Aloe Vera and Honey Shampoo Recipe

If you are used to suds and bubbles in your hair when using commercial preparations then this shampoo recipes will disappoint you, but it will do wonders for your hair. Since, I became aware of the chemicals that are placed in commercial preparations and how detrimental they are to  hair I’ve vowed to go as chemical free as possible (since I am currently relaxed, I have to say as far as possible).

Here is one of my homemade shampoo hair recipes that is a great alternative to the commercial ones. Please see the article: Natural Products? Think Again as to why I stopped using some commercially prepared shampoos.

Aloe Vera and Honey Shampoo Recipe


  • 1 Aloe Vera leaf
  • 2tbsp honey
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar


Remove the aloe vera skin and cut the gel into pieces. Place these into a blender with the honey and cider vinegar. Blend until the gel is dissolved, it should be frothy, pale green and gel like in texture. Wet hair with water and apply mixture to scalp, slowly massaging the entire scalp to loosen dirt. Make sure that the entire head is thoroughly massaged. Leave on hair for 15 minutes and then rinse out with warm or room temperature water. Do a final rinse with cold water to close the hair cuticles.

Benefits Your Hair will Derive from the Ingredients

Aloe Vera Leaf– The gelatinous extract from aloe vera leaves contain enzymes that stimulate hair growth. This makes the plant an especially good solution for those who are suffering from hair loss; it is safe to use whatever the gender or age of a person. The aloe vera gel is also good for dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Honey– is a humectant which means it traps water molecules from the air into your hair thus making it a great hair moisturizer; the key to using it in shampoos is to mix it with other liquid ingredients because honey is sticky by itself. Honey coats hair cuticles and makes them easier to comb and also adds volume to hair. It is also a good alternative to hair care products that contain silicones; best of all, it gives hair a very nice shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar– this vinegar has a pH range that is close to that of human hair. The acidity is close enough for it to be a great shampoo ingredient to clean hair and scalp better than any store bought shampoo can. It also has the added benefit of being a germ killer. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of your hair and removes build-up on the hair shaft. Apple Cider Vinegar will make hair shinier, softer and very easy to comb.

Disclaimer: BlackHair101  does not guarantee that you will achieve the same results as we have by using this recipe on your particular hair.


  • Tahoya said:

    can cider vinegar be optional because i dont have cider vinegar

  • janine said:

    thank you for sharing this recipe. i have aloe leaves and apple cider vinegar, yet no honey. i’ll still try it out though as i don’t normally use honey in my hair anyways. thanks again…

  • Mehwish said:

    is this recipe good if one have mild problem of dandruff?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Dandruff or dry scalp, you have to clarify, they are totally different conditions. This recipe is good for dry scalp, use a moisture rich conditioner to make your hair feel supple after this shampoo.

  • Anita said:

    Does the shampoo need to be put in the fridge for keeping? Thanks
    I’m trying to repair/improve my hair growth as it has been indefinitely stunted by the HCG diet hormone thing.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Yes Anita, it can stay in the fridge for up to three weeks. Let it get to room temperature before you use it though.

  • Courtney said:

    Can i go with out the Aloe as of now until i get some or does that defeat the purpose of the hair recipe?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Courtney,
      You can go without the aloe, the honey and cider can give you a nice clean, massage it gently in your scalp and then rinse out and condition as usual.

  • Camryn said:

    Hi I was wondering if aloe Vera juice can substitute for an aloe Vera leaf?

  • karam said:

    Hello.my name is karam.i dnt have cider vineger.is there any other option.plz tell me.

  • Rhonda said:

    I was wondering if I had organic aloe vera gel (lily of the desert) do I still need to blend these together or can you just mix them with a spoon? Thanks

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Rhonda,
      I recommended blending because I find it quicker to get out those little gel like particles from the aloe vera. But if you have the patience to mix them together with a spoon, I would recommend using a strainer to get rid of all the little jelly bits from the aloe vera so that it does not become stuck in your hair.

  • Nadege Cayo said:

    I just brought 2 of the Lily of the Desert. One is the Aloe Vera Gel and the other is Aloe Vera Juice. They both have A dietary Supplement whole Leaf(filtered). Should I return these products? Are they good to use, if not which is the one to use? I shop on Amazon. I want try these recipes with the right product. Thanks in advance!!

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Nadege,
      I have never used any of them, I can’t advice you either way. The Aloe Vera gel says it is 99% aloe vera. that doesn’t sound bad and the reviews seem to be for the most part positive.

  • Michelle said:

    I don’t have an aloe plant but I have aloe gel, can I use that? Also how much would I use? Is this a single use amount. Can it be multiplied so that I don’t have to remake it every time I want to wash my hair? I use the ACV and water as a conditioner should I leave it out of the shampoo or will it be okay, I don’t want to smell like vinegar by using too much lol

  • K.Ann said:

    I tried it from the plant today, blended the jelly and strained, but the white sediment still manged to get stuck in my hair! I detangled it out of course but I don’t know what I could have did wrong for a lot of it to still be in there. Any suggestions?

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi K.Ann,
      Are we talking about the recipe above? I have never done it and gotten residue. However, if you still have residue put some moisturizing conditioner in your hair and let it sit for a while and then rinse out the hair thoroughly.

  • kristina said:

    Brenda- I whipped up your recipe this morning and used it with a squirt bottle. It is wonderful! My scalp feels very clean, my curls very light and formed nicely. I am puerto rican and korean and my hair tends to be on the dry side. Products that cater to ethnic hair usually are too heavy and leave my tresses saturated but this is great, thanks so much!

  • Patricia Jones said:

    Hi Brenda,

    I am very worried about my hair above my forehead. I have excessive hair loss that makes me some partly bald and it’s spreading. How long will it take to this recipe’s effectivity? I won’t want to use any products from the market for some that I tried could not really work.


  • Michelle Levesque said:

    I am wondering if you can make a full bottle of this and keep it refrigerated, also I have aloe vera gel, can I use that instead of the plant.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Michelle,

      Make sure the aloe vera gel has no harmful preservatives. I do not think this recipe can last longer than three weeks even on the fridge.

  • Ruth said:

    I’ve noticed my hair has gotten oily faster with store bought shampoo. Does this recipe help bring oil production back to normal? I’ve heard of “No poo” regimens but I’ve also heard they can be rather harsh for your hair. Would this be a good alternative?

  • valerie medina said:

    How often do you wash your hair with this recipe?

  • Brenda Wright said:

    Hi Brenda I’m an Author also and I’m glad to meet you. Now as far as the recipe goes I would love to try this I had two surgery’s that damaged my hair, plus the perms I been using didn’t help. but I make my own aloe Vera juice and drink a 8oz glass every morning. I also thought about taking 5000 mcg of biotin starting September the first of this year I researched it and found out it’s good fro your skin ,hair and nails. thanks your advice.

  • Brenda Wright said:

    I’m sorry one more thing if your hair is permed wouldn’t the vinegar strip your perm out?

  • Brenda Wright said:

    Hi Brenda.how often do you wash your hair with this shampoo? I’m on a hair regimen were I wash my hair once a week.deep condition 2 a week.and I co-wash 1 a week also.so will this be good for my regimen?

  • MARIA said:

    I just tried an aloe vera conditioner (aloe vera, lemon & honey) yesterday to help with pretty bad dandruff. I only wish I had found your post yesterday. I did use the jelly from the leaf and I thought I was going to hsve wonderful results. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the aloe would have dandruff like partical that would eventuality get stuck in my hair making it look like I have a worse case of dandruff! Im doing it again tonight since I will have to return to work and I cant have all these “things” stuck to my hair. Thank you for sharing your receipe! Im trying to keep up on my no poo and its been a challenge. Im even thinkin of going back to the old stuff esp. After last night.

    • Yvonne said:

      I used aloe too and I like the benefits of the product but I have the white “things” stuck in my hair.

      How do I get them out?

      I tried jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar and washed my hair twice but they are still there.

      Please help.


  • jenny said:

    how much aloe vera gel equals one leaf for this recipe?

  • Anna said:

    Without the vinegar, will this mixture still wash hair? Can you substitute any other liquids?

  • Winona said:

    I’ve been experimenting no pooing for about a year now….firstly with BS etc…THIS SHAMPOO is the best…especially for people like me with long curly hair.I’ve been in honey+acv for about 2 months…difficult transition period but aloe vera made the difference…thank u 🙂

  • tamanna said:

    hiiiiii…..will this remedy stop my hairfall.nd is der any effect if i use it thrice a week

  • tamanna said:

    can i use dis daily n will dis stop my hairfall

  • Ness said:

    Hi Brenda……Great post! I have been using natural shampoo for about a month. Some days my hair is great and some days it is not! I understand that hair needs to be ph balanced, but my dyed black hair had a lot of the colour striped out by using vinegar rinse. The rinse makes it feel great, but is there any other way to obtain the ph level of your hair with out using vinegar? Any advice would be great….thank you.

  • zina said:

    pls i want to go all natural after using this shampoo what would i use as condition

  • shali said:

    Hi thanks 🙂 ¿coconut oil fits in thear?

  • Tasfod said:

    This is very fantastic indeed but I’m bothered, I don’t know if it cures hair shift…does it please and how is it applied (If YES)???

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Tasfod,
      What is hair shift?

      • Tasfod said:

        Thanks very much….hair shift (as I call it) is the leading cause of hair loss in men. it is commonly called the male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is characterized by hair receding
        from the lateral sides of the forehead.

  • janet said:

    Can I leave shampoo out in room temperature?

  • Rachel said:

    Can I add organic coconut oil to this recipe? Would I still need to use a conditioner afterwards?

  • viplove said:

    Hlo branda thanks for the easy hair recepie but tell me is it really remove oil from scalp and can work as a shampoo??

  • Shamira said:

    Hello Brenda after I use the recipe & condition my hair, is using Cantu Shea butter daily oil moisturizer ok to use on my hair.

  • Andrew said:

    It works

  • Samuel said:

    I wont to know if this product can Chang white heir to black because 20% of my heir on ym head is getting white

  • donna brown said:

    can bottled aloe vera juice be used instead of the leaf? I do not have a plant. your blog is amazing, thanks

  • Neijook Joseph said:

    if we use the aloe vera plant with cider vinegar only, is it good?? or what?is it good for my hair if my hair is not that thick?? i really like this stuff, and i think i can be able to do it myself..

  • Ally? said:

    I have just gotten my hair relaxed and I don’t want to add to many chemicals to my hair, because I fear my hair will damage.Are there any other ways that I could stray away from using chemicals? Also I have been wondering, I get my hair relaxed at a salon and when I left they gave told me that pantene products are good for relaxed hair. But yet it has sulfate in it. Is there any
    natural brands I could try?

  • Ally? said:

    I have just gotten my hair relaxed and I don’t want to add to many chemicals to my hair, because I fear my hair will damage.Are there any other ways that I could stray away from using chemicals? Also I have been wondering, I get my hair relaxed at a salon and when I left they gave told me that pantene products are good for relaxed hair. But yet it has sulfate in it. Is there any
    natural brands I could try?

  • Smart Cookie said:

    Hi there,
    Been using your recipes (daily moisturizers) for over a year now and been having excellent results. In fact, these are all I use, have never bought store product since.
    About this shampoo though, what can I use as a substitute for honey as it is very very ridiculous expense where I am. And if I do manage to afford it, I use it for internal medicine and will find it hard to put on hair (not that hair is not important). So can you pls suggest an alternative for those days I don’t have honey
    Also I find that if I leave aloe vera in my hair without glycerine, hair seems very hard, dry and unusually fuzzy, is this due to lack of glycerine or should i just NOT be leaving aloe vera in my hair?

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