Homemade Hair Loss Recipe

Looking for a homemade recipe for hair loss that you can use overnight. Well, this recipe works like an elixir, I use it, though I am not suffering from hair loss, to give my hair a boost now and again.


1/2-cup aloe vera gel

6 tsp. Jojoba Oil

3 drops Sage

3 drops Rosemary

3 drops Vitamin E Oil

Blend the aloe vera until it is liquidized, add jojoba, sage and rosemary to the aloe vera, Use a glass bottle for your mix and shake them together, then add your vitamin e oil. It acts as a preservative, so should be added last.

Apply the mixture to scalp, gently massaging into hair. It can be left on the scalp overnight or next washday.


  • Aloe Vera Gel– is a great detangler, moisturizer, heals and soothes damaged scalp from scratches, burns and dandruff. It balances the pH level of the hair, is anti-inflammatory and has a host of benefits including the prevention of hair loss.


  • Jojoba Oil -is anti-fungal and is great to treat conditions like psoriasis and scalp dematitis which may cause hair loss. It encourages the development of new hair cells and helps improve microcirculation in the scalp, it deeply moisturizes your scalp, and stops hair loss and thinning of hair. Some hair loss conditions are caused by blocked hair follicles, which causes it to break off, Jojoba oil can dissolve and clear these blockages, which in turn reduce hair loss.


  • Rosemary and Sage– Rosemary and sage are both astringents (they have a constricting affect on tissues). Rosemary has antiseptic properties and is a natural skin toner. The combination of the two cleanses pores, stimulates hair follicles and conditions the scalp.


  • Vitamin E oil– Vitamin E increases oxygen uptake, which improves circulation to the scalp. It improves health and growth of hair.


  • star said:

    were can i purchase the various oils that you recommend from online?

    • Brenda said:

      Hi Star,
      It depends on where you are. I was trawling through a hair supplies store and saw my usual castor oil. Then I went to an aromatherapy store and got lavender and rosemary. Some I found at a health food store but they were seriously expensive, more than what I would pay for shipping plus cost. I just get the ones I can’t find readily online.

  • Sharron said:

    What is a good post-pop conditioner for hair loss

  • Ella said:

    How often should I use this?

  • Chavon said:

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for your post. I am transitioning my hair and soaking in all the information I can find. I do have one question for this post: How long does this mixture last with the vitamin E added? can I increase the amounts and keep the same mixture for a month?

    THanks again

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Chavon,

      I have had this mixture for two weeks tops I have never gone a whole month but there is no water added so I am ‘almost’ sure you can try it for a month.

  • Sharron said:

    After rinsing this out, what kind of conditioner should one. Use

  • mochamadness said:

    Hi Brenda,

    It’s me again. I think when I start my hair regimine, this will be the recipe I’ll use first. Is the aloe vera gel the same as the green stuff I see at Walmart? Thanx.

  • Sixela said:

    Please, where or what store in Lagos, Nigeria can one get these oils and ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E oil etc…and what is the Ideal ”cup” for measurement. Thank you.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Sixela,
      I hope someone can answer this from Lagos because I have no idea. Quantities- depends on your hair length- generally though quarter cup carrier to 1 drop essential.

  • Jody said:

    Hi Brenda
    What can I use instead of jojoba oil and will I get the same results if I don’t use the vitamin E oil?

  • Jody said:

    Can I add egg to this recipe?

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