Pre-Shampoo Treatment for Shedding Hair

This recipe has the stimulating effects of peppermint oil and the protein benefits of egg. Do this as a quick pre-poo before shampooing and you will find that your hair feels so much better after the wash. You can follow up this treatment with a regular shampoo and then a deep conditioner. Consistent pre-pooing can decrease hair breakage significantly.

Pre-Shampoo Treatment for Shedding Hair


3-4 Drops Peppermint oil

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1 teaspoon castor oil

2 egg yolks


Beat the egg yolks until frothy and then add the oils in a small bowl. Massage mixture into hair and scalp. Cover hair with shower cap for an hour. Rinse out then shampoo.

Disclaimer: BlackHair101  does not guarantee that you will achieve the same results as we have by using this recipe on your particular hair.


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  • Candy said:

    Hi, im new to this site and love it. Found it after another hair blog mentioned it.
    Question: How often should one use per- shampoo treatment for shedding and other egg per-poo recipes? Is it all right to use it weekly , even though it’s a protein treatment?

  • Latoya said:

    Hi Brenda, do you know if i can find peppermint oil in Jamaica? also can essence of peppermint be used instead of peppermint for the recipe above?

  • nam said:

    Hi Brenda

    How often can i use the above pre poo treatment.can i also mix the contents of a vitamin E capsule to the above mixture.

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Nam,
      When I had vitamin E capsules in abundance, I added it to everything. I don’t think it will hurt to add it to this mixture.

  • himani said:

    hi brenda :)
    can i use any other oil than peppermint oil??

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi Himani,
      Sure, you can use the mixture without the peppermint or add another essential oil like eucalyptus, tea tree or anything you have on hand.

      • himani said:

        thanks so much:)

        • himani said:

          i just tried this one today nd my hair feel good after it :) though i replaced peppermint oil with lavender( i hope it works as good as peppermint oil) thanks to you brenda:)
          one thing that i would like to ask here is , if i can use this treatment weekly nd also i had to apply a lot of shampoo to take the pack off my hair. please tell me if its alright to use that much of shampoo to remove it?? :)
          thanks :)

  • Shannon said:

    can i use coconut oil?

  • dahteil said:

    Hello. How often can we use the Pre-Shampoo Treatment for Shedding Hair? Weekly? Or monthly?

  • Tahlia said:

    Hi! I really want to try this pre- poo treatment, but I can’t seem to find any castor oil. Is there anything else I can use?

  • DarkChocCookie said:

    Hi! Is a prepoo treatment the same thing as a protein treatment? And if not, how do you align the use of both? Thanks!

    • Brenda Barrett said:

      Hi, no they are not the same thing. Pre-poo is just the term referring to the things that we do before a shampoo. It can be anything- hot oil treatment, light protein treatments etc. I would suggest cleansing the hair before an intense protein treatment and then conditioning with a moisture rich conditioner after. A light/medium protein treatment like an egg based one can be a pre-poo because you will definitely want to shampoo the hair after. In that case, you would dampen the hair before, do your prepoo/protein treatment and then shampoo.

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