Stinging Nettle (Cowitch) and Jojoba Conditioner Rinse For Transitioning Hair

Stinging nettle is known as a weed that is quite bothersome. If it touches your skin it stings, creating little bumps that really itch. However, this weed is very versatile and can do wonders for your hair. The stinging nettle is rich in iron, silicon, and potassium. And is very high in vitamins A and C. When dried, nettles are 40% protein. Additionally, they lose their stinging ability when placed in water. Several countries use it for so many different things, beer in Britain, flavorful dishes in France and in my household it is a great hair tonic.

I was introduced to this weed several years ago by a herbal doctor who gave a presentation about herbs for hair at a youth meeting at church. My mom and I promptly made the following concoction the next day. It really works. I couldn’t believe it. Harvest the weed with a glove. Makes your hair feel soft all over, my mother’s hair is natural mine is processed and we both got wonderful results. Works extremely well with transitioning hair. Store mixture in a dark, dry place.


2 cups apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup dried nettles

4 tsp jojoba oil


Boil the apple cider vinegar in a pot that is not aluminum. Put the dried nettles in a bowl and pour the hot apple cider vinegar over the herbs. Cover the bowl and leave it to soak for 7 to 10 days. Strain the mixture and put in a dark glass, add the jojoba oil and shake to mix.

How To Use

In this stage the Nettle vinegar is pretty potent. To use as a rinse add 1/2 cup stinging nettle mix to 1 cup warm water and use as a final rinse after conditioning hair. To use as a conditioner, after shampooing hair use half cup of nettle mix and massage into scalp, put hair under a plastic cap for an hour and rinse out after.


  • Sheil said:

    Hi Brenda, I couldn’t get the nettle dried leaves to steep but I got the tincture. Am wondering how to adjust this recipe to the tincture I.e should I still boil the vinegar and adcd it hot and alsp soak the tincture and vinegar mix for 7-10days? Thanks, you are a blessing.

  • Sherifa said:

    What other oil can be used to substitute for jojoba oil?

  • Rosie said:

    Hi Brenda just come across your website. I’m just over a year of not perming my hair. Was reading article from 2013 Stinging Nettle (Cowitch) and Jojoba Conditioner Rinse For Transitioning Hair. My hair frizzy & dry looking in some places places. Want to try this as you said will soften hair. Measurements 2cups & half cup how much is that in fluid oz and lbs we don’t use cups in the UK. Much appreciate your reply. Also can I use distilled white vinegar or does it have to be acv?

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