Thursday Night Hot Oil Cocktail

This is my weekly Thursday hot oil treatment. I usually shampoo and then deep condition my hair after this.



3 drops of eucalyptus oil

3 drops of peppermint oil

1/8 cup of olive oil

1/8 cup of castor oil



Boil water in small sauce pan. Remove pan from fire. Mix oils together in a small plastic container and place container with oil in hot water in the sauce pan. The oils should heat up pretty quickly when placed in hot water, leave it in hot water until it is hot enough and then start applying oil to hair ends first and work your way up to the scalp. Apply at night. Do not rinse out till morning.



  • Razzi said:

    hi brenda so when you do the water and oil you put the water in the oil while its in the container is that what you mean

    • Monika said:

      Hi Razzi, I think she means for you to boil some water in a small saucepan. While the water is boiling mix all of your oils in a separate plastic bowl or container. Once the water comes to a boil, turn the stove off and place your plastic bowl containing the oils in the sauce pan. The hot water will heat the oils through the container and you can then place it on your hair. Hope this helps!

    • Britt said:

      Hi Razzi I think the hot water is to set the container of oils in to warm up the oil mixture not to be put into the oil mixture.

  • Erin said:

    Hi Miss Brenda…
    I have been natural since 2009 and I’m just now really researching more organic and homemade ways to condition my hair on my own. I get the phusion treatment which puts moisture back into my hair. I find that after a day or two of my treatment my hair is full of dandruff and is way to oily for my liking. My question to you is, will a hot oil treatment help with the dandruff aspect of my dilema or will it add to the problem?

    Thanks 😉

  • Anita said:

    I have decided to start my healthy hair journey and found you site most helpful! I am 7 weeks post relaxer and have been doing a no heat challenge. So far, so good! I was just curious as to whether this mixture is for one use?

  • kafayat said:

    Can I use olive, coconut, sesame n black seed, almond oil for d hot oil treatment?

  • Josee said:

    I am 7 months from my last relaxer,washed my hair weekly and I used Giovanni tea three shampoo,hot oil treatment before wash my hairs still melt . Help me please cause I am very frustrated and I do not want to give up and shedding as well.

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