7 Basic ways to keep dyed hair color as beautiful as new

Hair coloring is a fashion trend of today’s young people. Dye your hair to enhance your beauty in front of everyone. However, there are some people who are very satisfied with their dyed hair color, but only after 2 weeks of improper care, your hair color becomes discolored or the color is no longer even. Blackhair101.com Will guide you 7 ways to keep dyed hair color as beautiful as new Most fundamentally anyone who owns dyed hair needs to know.

7 Basic ways to keep dyed hair color as beautiful as new 2

1. Maintain the color of the dyed hair by limiting hot showers

  • A hot bath not only makes the skin dry, but also shortens the lifespan of the hair color. High temperature makes hair cuticles open, hair color has a chance to “escape”. The teen process should be done in the winter is to wash and rinse with moderately warm water, dry, rinse again and rinse with cold water as possible to lock the hair cuticles. That way, the dyed hair color will last for a long time.

2. Keep dyed hair color by paying attention when swimming

  • To protect your hair from the sun and chlorine in the pool water, teens should use a hair SPF. Specifically, you need to choose products extracted from sunflower oil to prevent oxidation and fade beautiful hair.
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3. Maintain dyed hair color by not overusing beauty with heat

  • Teenagers should stay away from hot beauty tools for the first week after dyeing. This is an important secret to preventing hair from fading quickly. Drying, curling, and straightening are all factors that make color evaporate much faster.

4. Keep your dyed hair color by as little as possible washing your hair

  • The less you wash your hair, the longer the color will fade. In addition, changing the shampoo constantly contributes to lighter hair color. When washing your hair, choose a sulfate-free oil!

7 Basic ways to keep dyed hair color as beautiful as new 1

5. Keep the color of the dyed hair by washing it with filtered water

  • Clean water means the maximum chemical removal, chlorine is not good for hair. If the water supply is inadequate, they can erase hair color more quickly, losing natural oils.

6. Retain dyed hair color by taking care of the hair before dyeing

  • A day or two before dyeing, use an impurities-removing shampoo to rinse out any chemicals that are still in your hair. Also, before that, you should use a deep conditioner at least once a week to prepare for the strongest hair before dyeing.

7. Retain dyed hair color by limiting deep conditioning

  • If deep conditioning is recommended before dyeing, then again it should be limited. Because that process will fade colors, especially dark colors. The balm itself is created to penetrate deeply into the hair, helping the hair to recover. However, when rinsing, water will accidentally wash away the dye from the inside. To overcome this situation, teen can condition normal hair every day.
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After this article you will have more knowledge about how to take care of a dyed hair so that it does not discolor and is always as beautiful as when you first dyed it. Blackhair101.com wish you success and have a perfect dyed hair!

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7 Basic ways to keep dyed hair color as beautiful as new
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