Admire Tuong Vi’s healthy and beautiful hair “The secret of success”

Tuong en a very attractive young star with beautiful slender hair that captivates the audience. With this beautiful hair, she has a lot of motivation to strive and become a famous beautiful star in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Along understand more about the motto of life and Admire the beautiful healthy hair of Tuong Vi “The secret of success”!

  • It was not easy to meet Tuong Vi in these days when her filming schedule is always busy. Taking advantage of the lunch break to give me 30 minutes of conversation, the energetic girl appeared with confidence and energy. Gently fluttering his curly hair, Tuong Vi openly shared his secret of self-confidence.

Admire the beautiful healthy hair of Tuong Vi " The secret of success" first

  • Reporter: Hello Tuong Vi, you look so fresh that the other person has to admire. How was your work and life these days?
    Tuong Vi: (laughs) It looks so fresh, but I’m busy with many film projects at the same time. There were weeks that I spent at the studio more than at home! Well, lately I’ve been trying my hand at MC. I am also new to holding the mic, so I have to learn a lot from my colleagues. Although it’s a bit more extreme, a little bit busier, but I’m very excited to do something new. Young people should step out of their comfort zones and explore the world is the right thing to do, right?
  • As for life, I always try to balance between work and rest, taking care of myself. I think that no matter how busy you are, you must practice yoga and jogging to keep your health strong and “fight”! And yet, we still have to keep ourselves beautiful; In addition to my physique and skin, my hair is the thing I care most about so that I can be completely confident, show off my abilities and personality in all activities. I’m not exaggerating but my confidence depends on my hair!
  • Reporter: Sounds so interesting, has your hair ever bothered you?
  • Tuong Vi: Yes! Vi just went through a period of “struggling” for the health of her hair! You know the nature of Vi’s work, she always has to look attractive and perfect, so for a long time Vi has “raped” her hair with all kinds of styling chemicals, then straightens her hair. gradually damaged, dry and frizzy.
  • Then Vi began to find all kinds of ways to save her hair, such as trying various conditioner and hair care products, but with little effect. Perhaps because it is not suitable for those products, my hair becomes heavy and sticky, causing me many difficulties at work. Bad hair makes me very uncomfortable and even a little bit insecure.
  • Interviewer: What Vi said doesn’t seem like your current hair condition! How did you get through that stage?

Admire the beautiful healthy hair of Tuong Vi " The secret of success" 2

  • Tuong Vi: Vi was fortunate to be introduced to a hair specialist. On her advice, Vi tried a new Pantene shampoo and conditioner. You know, as soon as I stepped out of her hair salon after just one wash, I immediately felt the difference. Her hair is light, smooth and smooth!
  • Then I persistently use the shampoo and conditioner in the same way that the expert tells me, like brushing my hair before washing, applying conditioner to the ends of my hair first and then my body, avoiding direct contact with shampoo and conditioner. For my scalp, I don’t dry my hair right after I wash it … So my hair is “revitalizing” as before, stronger from the inside out! (laugh). Feel free to try your hair, it is shiny and not sticky even though I filmed the whole day outdoors!

Thus, her beautiful hair is the driving force as well as the secret to making Tuong Vi successful! And you, why do you have any tips to share with Or simply take care of her healthy and shiny hair to create a positive belief like her! Wish you all success and share the article Admiring Tuong Vi’s healthy and beautiful hair “The secret of success” to everyone!

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Admire Tuong Vi’s healthy and beautiful hair “The secret of success”