Any and anytime, any way to fix damaged hair that you need to know

In life, there are many troubles that you accidentally encounter in everyday life with your beautiful hairstyles. Therefore, you need to equip some basic knowledge to fix this error yourself in seconds and always have a charming hair in everyone’s eyes. Along accumulate Any and anytime, any way to fix damaged hair that you need to know Make your own hair care knowledge!

  • Every lady wants to have a beautiful, smooth and healthy hairstyle. Therefore, some people have applied special methods for their hair. However, have you ever wondered whether you used it correctly? With the enthusiastic advice of top hair experts in the world, here are three products that can harm your hair if you overdo it. Let’s find out how to fix it!

1. Dry shampoo

  • Women are very fond of this shampoo because of its alkaline oil, especially with dyed hair, it also has the ability to hide black hair roots and help hair to remove dirt in a short time. However, this dry shampoo often has a downside: when sprinkled on the scalp and the roots are often sticked like dandruff or dust in the hair. Hair stylist Nathaniel Hawkins has suggested a useful “fire fighting” tip for this: use a cool-temperature dryer to blow the powder out of your hair while using your fingers to gently massage the skin. the top makes the dough disappear quickly. Also, a little trick for you when using this alkaline dry shampoo is to divide your hair into sections and use a brush to lightly dab on the roots. Then, use your hands to rub against the hair body, hair in front of the forehead because it is the part that releases the most oil, use your fingers to pat it until it penetrates the scalp, you can be assured with your beautiful hairstyle. already.

How to fix damaged hair anytime, anywhere that you need to know 1

2. Hair spray

  • When using hairspray to hold and firm your hair, you may encounter “irony” situations where you may not be able to maintain the beautiful hairstyle you created in the first place. However, it’s easy to get rid of your bouncy hairline being turned into a “helmet” hairstyle and become so radiant. Say goodbye to flat flat hair with just a brush. “When the comb comes into contact with the hair, its edges help soften the cuticles as well as break down the hairspray particles,” says Hawkins.

How to fix damaged hair anytime, anywhere that you need to know 2

3. Serum

  • First, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any residue from other hair care products. Use a hair serum and serum to increase the essence to keep the necessary moisture to keep hair soft, avoiding dry fibers, split ends. Then, use a hair machine to straighten the hair into a smooth, beautiful shine. Experts have recognized that serum silicones are mostly very user-friendly and do not have any negative effects on the hair, like a “powerful dose of antibiotic” that regenerates the hair structure from the outer shell to the inner core of the hair, Especially good for damaged and severely damaged hair. The hair machine plays the role of helping the hair absorb serum in the fastest way and creating a shiny and soft look for the hair. If your hair is still a bit greasy, use a tissue to blot your hair for the perfect look.

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After this article, hope you will not regret it when you encounter force majeure cases about your hair. At the same time, share and follow us regularly to learn many other tips for making your own beauty handbook!

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Any and anytime, any way to fix damaged hair that you need to know