Things to know about bridal makeup and hair styling come from top experts

In every life a woman only becomes a bride once officially, so everyone wants to have a perfect and beautiful wedding. However, there are many brides who make mistakes when makeup and hairstyles create an imperfect image or take too much time for the bride. Even easy-to-change wedding gowns are an important factor in helping brides change quickly without damaging her makeup and hair. Let discover What you need to know when bridal makeup and hairdressing come from the top experts!

1.Things to know about bridal makeup from top experts:

Things to know about bridal makeup and hair styling from top experts 1

  • Light color makeup helps the bride to be more natural and attractive.
  • Brides should choose tones as natural as possible, not too dark.
  • Make it clear to the makeup artist about your skin type, favorite colors or commonly used cosmetics … to avoid unfortunate things like: inappropriate or cosmetic allergy right before the wedding.
  • After applying make-up, the bride should try taking pictures to see the results in the picture. If your face is not pretty, you still have time to change.
  • A little note: If possible, about 6-8 weeks before the wedding, you should go to the spa every week to give your skin time to be better cared for and recovered. In addition, the bride should avoid stimulants or stay up too late … all things badly affect the beautiful skin.

2. Things to know when making a bride’s hair come from the top experts

  • Hair care is the most important thing. About a month before your wedding, you should trim your hair back according to your chosen style. If you have curly hair, gently curl it and make sure it doesn’t dry out and frizz. If you like long, shiny hair, you should press and steam it once a week until your wedding day.
  • This is also a good time for the bride to choose the special shampoo for her hair, along with the necessary hair products to ensure her hair will be healthy and beautiful on the wedding day.
  • If you want to use hair accessories such as crowns, veils or jewelry … you should discuss and find places to order in advance. When you have prepared all kinds of accessories such as brooch, flower or chiffon, put them in a separate box to avoid losing them. If using fresh flowers, have a hair stylist prepared for you.

Things to know about bridal makeup and hair styling from top experts 2

  • Choosing accessories combined with hairstyles will make the bride’s face more impressive.

3. Some experiences to keep in mind when bridal makeup and hair come from top experts:

  • Do not stay up late in the days before the wedding because your skin will dull and your eyes are prone to dark circles. Bad skin manifestations will take makeup artists a lot of time to cover up, but the results are not quite as complete. Obviously, your face will somewhat lose its youthfulness.
  • Should make an appointment one day in advance to try out all the styles you have chosen: from outfit, hairstyle, makeup … see if there is any change. How about makeup colors, for example? Does hair suit the face? Especially for hair, the changes always take time to create a harmony with the face (such as taller bangs, trim the tail, remove the dye or dye a lighter color …). A tip: invite the groom with you, you can get more suggestions from him. And by the way, you can also choose the hairstyle for the groom. Best of all, both of you are satisfied with each other.
  • Make an accurate timer with the makeup artist and hairdresser early in the morning of the wedding, (or the day of the photo shoot) because not only do you put on make-up, but there will be many other people like mom, sister … in the family may also need thanks to them.
  • It is recommended to wear a button-up shirt or zipper so that you can easily change the wedding dress after having done your hair and make-up without affecting your makeup and hair. Attention should not use pullovers.
  • Choose a cool, spacious room with lots of lights, large mirrors for makeup and hair styling.
  • In addition, makeup remover after the wedding is also a matter of concern. Pay attention to how to remove makeup for each face area because with bridal makeup, you will have to spend a lot of time removing the makeup and eyes (especially when using fake eyelashes). As for hair, sometimes hairstyles must use complicated creams and clips and you cannot remove them alone, so the bride should know how to handle them fastest.

You will be confident that you are beautiful and that you are the perfect bride on your wedding day when you take the above matters seriously. Feel and remember this experience for yourself and those around you! wishes you success and always happy with the love you choose. If you find the article What you need to know about bridal makeup and hair styling from top experts is interesting and useful, please like and share it for everyone to know! Thank you!

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Things to know about bridal makeup and hair styling come from top experts