Common hair loss problems in women and their remedy

Hair loss is a difficult problem, especially for us women, they cause loss of confidence, lack of aesthetics and especially adversely affect health and daily life. Hair loss has many causes and occurs in many times, to know the times of hair loss, the cause and how to fix it, please join to learn Common hair loss problems in women and their remedy through the following article!

Times of hair loss:

Postpartum hair loss:

  • This is one of the top issues that women are concerned about, worried about and want to find solutions to. Postpartum hair loss is caused by 3 factors: estrogen hormone disorder, psychological disorder and nutritional deficiency leading to metabolic disorders, reducing the amount of nutrients that prevent hair from receiving adequate nutrients. , develops slowly, falls off a lot but does not re-cycle.

Common hair loss problems in women and solutions 1

Physical and chemical hair loss:

  • The impact of chemicals for dyeing, curling, and stretching … and heat effects to style often dry hair and split ends, and at the same time burn hair follicles, affecting hair follicles, leading to hair loss. This is the cause of hair loss that many women who love beauty often encounter.

Hair loss caused by stress:

  • With an active and busy life, many women have fallen into a stressful situation due to the pressure of work and life. Stress is the cause that affects the body’s metabolism, making hair growth slow, weak and easy to lose.
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Hair loss caused by greasy hairline:

  • There are many causes of greasy scalp phenomena such as: excess lipids excreted through hair follicles, lack of proper nutrition, too much fat … weathering and overuse of nourishment. From essential oils … The result of increasing hairline oil is making hair sticky, attracting the attack of harmful bacteria to the hair and scalp, dandruff and producing dandruff, especially clog follicles. hair leads to hair loss.

Hair loss due to weight loss:

  • Losing weight to have a slimmer figure than desired, but with a strict diet leading to a lack of protein, biotin, folic acid, iron, zinc … The result is a lack of hair. essential nutrients make hair slow, weak and easy to lose, not even re-circulate growth.


  • But the surprise for women is not in the solutions or advice of experts for each of their problems, but it is the hair loss mechanism according to the latest scientific research that experts mention. . It is the mechanism of hair loss in women due to “a decrease in the activity of potassium channels in the hair follicles”.
  • The Potassium channel is the channel that conducts nutrients to the hair follicles. Weakening of the Potassium channel leads to hair loss in women.

Common hair loss problems in women and solutions 2

  • Potassium channels are ion pathways that help transport nutrients to the cell membranes of hair follicles. Hair fibers will use these nutrients to grow. Problems with nutrition, age, health, and hormonal changes in the body impair the action of the Potassium channel, which in turn interrupts transport, preventing the hair follicles from receiving nutrients. As a result, hair follicles will be shrinking, hair fibers weaken and lose, even unable to recirculate the hair growth cycle.
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  • One of the solutions that experts remind women, if you want to prevent and improve hair loss, must first focus on supporting the activity of the Potassium channel to ensure the nutrient transmission path to the hair follicles. How to add nutrients Potassium chloride and L-Carnitine tartrate. At the same time, building for yourself a nutrition regime that benefits hair rich in vitamins, minerals, …. Minimize bad effects on hair such as curling, straightening, dyeing … and creating good habits for hair such as hair treatment, massage with essential oils …

Hopefully after this article you will have more useful knowledge to have a better way to take care of your own and your family’s hair. wishes readers a beautiful and healthy hair that always attracts sexy!

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Common hair loss problems in women and their remedy