Beautiful curly hairstyle for round face conceals blemishes

You have a round face and you want to change with a curly hair but do not know which hairstyle to choose suitable that can conceal the blemishes? Please accompany to explore Beautiful curly hairstyle for round face conceal defects through the following article offline!

  • Curly hair not only makes you beautiful, fashionable, but also looks warmer on cold winter days. Depending on the face, you should also choose the right curly hair to take advantage of these outstanding advantages.
  • Here we take some simple steps to create a side curl to slim the round face. First create beautiful curls, buns tilted to one side. It is the bounce of the hairline that will increase the height of the face and the curls are pulled sideways, creating a slim and slim face skeleton.
  • Try a curly hairstyle for a round face, you will look slimmer, like losing a few kilograms.

Beautiful curly hairstyle for round face conceals blemishes 1

  • Start with dividing your hair into 2 parts. The hair above is twisted, held temporarily by the platypus on the top of the head.
  • With the hair below, you use a curling machine in turn. Then use the rubber band low and deflect to the right.
  • Before you curl the bottom part of the hair, use a large lanyard and mess up the curls to create volume. Get staples to hold the bun.
  • Next, you drop the top layer of hair, using a curling machine to gently curl the small curls. You curl the tail into the bun below. Make sure they look natural and soft.
  • Retouch and maybe use a little more spray to keep the shape. And so your chubby face has become slimmer and more sexy.

So we have been properly and accurately spelled out for your round face combined with curly hairstyle. Quickly choose your curly hairstyle and do it today! wishes you success and a beautiful new curly hairstyle!

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Beautiful curly hairstyle for round face conceals blemishes