How to take care of healthy and beautiful hair of the world’s leading experts

As a woman, everyone wants to have a beautiful long hair, floating like a smooth shiny cloud. But the weather changes due to negative environmental influences, you must have proper hair care measures. The modern woman’s life is often under a lot of pressure at work as well as thorns, so that we forget about taking care of our hair, leading to the lack of vitality, which is evident in the state of confusion, loss and breakage. hair. today will share experiences How to take care of healthy and beautiful hair of the world’s leading experts Simple easy to do and take your time to have beautiful healthy hair.

1. Take care of your hair by regularly brushing and releasing it freely

  • Combing hair is great not only for hair but also for everyone’s health. Combing hair helps blood circulation, helping the hair to become dull, tangled and naturally shiny. In the winter, brushing your hair regularly will make your hair smoother and more sticky, even in wet weather.
  • Regularly brushing every day is most effective to help you remove fibers, tangles and natural beautiful hair.

How to take care of healthy and beautiful hair of the world's leading experts 1

  • In addition, you should let go of your hair for about 4 hours / day, so you should not pull yourself into the ties or clips. Let the hair be straightened naturally without curl. In winter, letting go of hair will help you reduce headaches and limit hair fibers and tangles.

2. Take care of your hair by washing your hair with moderately warm water, limiting hot water washing

  • In the winter, they often go to the shop and wash their hair with warm water. However, washing your hair with warm water can easily damage your hair. Hair will show signs of being frizzy, tangled, split ends, or even lack of vitality if you regularly wash your hair with warm water as well as too hot water because after washing your hair, your hair will lose moisture and lack of elasticity.
  • Using cool water to wash your hair is not only good for your hair, but it’s also good for your scalp.
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  • Using cool water to wash your hair will help tighten the pores, but it won’t affect the hair cuticles. When washing your hair, do not put shampoo directly on your hair, you have to wet your hair, put it in the palm of your hand mixed with foam water. Then rub the oil on your hair, gently scratch, massage for a while and then rinse with water until all foam is gone. Dry your hair and brush it with your fingers first or with a thin brush, because when you first wash your hair, you get tangled easily, so brushing with a thick tooth comb will normally cause hair loss.

3. Take care of your hair by using conditioner properly

  • Many women when using conditioner rarely leave more than 1 or 2 minutes. Whereas conditioner only really works if you spend enough time on it when applied to your hair. If your hair is dry or broken, it is recommended that you take at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Using too much conditioner or not washing it completely will also cause your hair to become less vibrant.
  • Conditioner will help her hair shine, smoother and smoother. But not all girls know how to use conditioner to promote all effects as well as effectiveness for winter.

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  • Especially in winter, when you incubate your hair with conditioner, it will keep your hair moist and strong. Choose for yourself the right conditioner, suitable for hair and scalp to bring maximum effect and not cause irritation.

4. Take care of your hair by regularly cutting off split ends, drying properly

  • When hair is split ends, it means the hair is being damaged in the ends or the hair shaft. Hair with split ends, you should cut the damaged hair, then choose the right shampoo to minimize the weak hair that leads to hair damage.
  • Split ends are caused by weak and lack of vitality in the hair shaft or ends. You should cut out the split hair part so that your hair has time to recover and be full of vitality.
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  • In winter, you should also minimize the fact that your hair has to be exposed to high temperatures, including the sun, when in the sun, you should wear a hat to protect your hair, combine using a warming cream. hair. In particular, after washing your hair, you should also let your hair dry naturally and only wipe it with a towel, not using a high temperature dryer.
  • In addition to split ends, you also need to know how to dry your hair to keep it healthy and strong.

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  • You should dry your hair with an ionizing dryer (protect hair and prevent electrical charges) and remember to just keep the temperature on medium, not concentrated in one place, but dry the whole hair. When drying your hair, divide your hair into small sections and brush it well with a comb first. Then blow-dry each portion and remember to keep the dryer more than 5 cm from your hair, not too close to your hair. It’s more effective to dry and straighten your hair while drying it first and then brushing it off. This will also help keep the hair lines smooth and soft.

5. Take care of your hair by choosing the right oil to treat dandruff and a care regimen for each hair type

  • With each scalp you should choose for yourself the right shampoo and change it regularly. You should choose from 2 to 3 suitable oils because you should not wash a fixed oil to limit oily oil to the scalp. In particular, you should choose for yourself dandruff-free shampoos to limit the need to wash your hair several times in cold weather.
  • You should choose for yourself 2 to 3 types of shampoos that are suitable to prevent dandruff and limit washing many times in cold weather.

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  • The presence of dandruff is a sign of an unhealthy scalp. The most effective way to reduce dandruff is to use a daily shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties. However, you should also be aware that for people with dry scalp, daily use of a dandruff shampoo will suffer from eczema. In this case, you should only wash your hair once every 3 days.
  • Oily hair always makes you feel very uncomfortable, because you always find your hair dull, greasy. Scalp is one of the main “culprits” in making your hair oily. That is why scalp care is also very important. It is best to wash your hair with cold water, do not use hot water and choose a shampoo that contains the active ingredient panthenol.
  • With each hair type, you need to have special care regimes to achieve maximum effectiveness and help hair in the cold season always be beautiful and healthy.
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How to take care of healthy and beautiful hair of the world's leading experts 7

  • Dry hair is more prone to breakage, brittle, and split ends. Therefore, the most important thing is to add nourishment and moisturize the hair. Choose a moisturizer for dry hair and wash your hair 2-3 times per week. Avoid exposing your hair to sunlight or chemicals: relaxants, dyes or direct contact with swimming pool water … You should let your hair dry naturally and limit the use of a hairdryer.
  • At least 4 to 6 weeks, you should visit a hair care salon once, otherwise your hair will be prone to split ends. Drink plenty of water and minimize caffeine intake by reducing tea, coffee, chocolate or other types of cola.
  • For those who like to dye hair, it is also important to note more about dyed hair. The dyes won’t make your hair fall out, but they can break your hair. It is best to dye in moderation so that it will not harm your hair when the wind comes back cold.

After this article hopefully you can care more about your hair and choose for yourself effective hair care methods. I wish you success and always be happy with a healthy and beautiful hair sharpener!

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How to take care of healthy and beautiful hair of the world’s leading experts