Miley Cyrus and Liam – When hair is a testament to love ups and downs for a decade

The past 27/12, the guy next to Miley Cyrus from the age of 17 has become her companion throughout her life. Love is full of waves but also beautiful as the movie has a full ending. Together Blackhair101 look back at Miley Cyrus’s love story through a special perspective and closely connected with the main character – hair.

Childhood brown hair innocence

Miley fell in love with Liam while filming the movie together The Last Song (2009). That year Miley Cyrus just turned 17 years old, her hair is still a tender and young brown.

03 hair and love story of Miley Cyrus

When participating in the movie The Last Song (2009), Miley was just 17 years old.

Although the film was not appreciated by art critics, it still became one of the best-selling works that year. Because the image of Miley and Liam walking together so beautiful together is enough to create a box office effect. As soon as the film came out, fans were able to guess these two teen stars “fake love movie”.

05 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus was inherently the most popular teen idol at that time. Liam himself also revealed to know Miley first through the sitcom series Hannah Montana. The audience especially loved Miley because of her friendly and friendly appearance. She always appears with naturally wavy, natural blond hair.

The hair color of the girl in love

By March 2010, Miley was officially publicly dating Liam. The couple walked on the red carpet for the first time at the movie premiere The Last Song. They quickly became the hottest teen couple in Hollywood.

01 Miley Cyrus hair and love story

The couple always walked side by side in events.

05 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Miley appeared at the event with a high bun.

Immersed in love with the handsome actor of kangaroos, Miley also wrote dedicated to many songs in the album “Can’t Be Tamed”. She once confessed to MTV News: “There are many songs in it about Liam. In fact, all the songs mention Liam in some way ”.

06 hair and love story of Miley Cyrus

Staggered hair hugs Miley’s radiant face.

During the time when Miley lived in love, fans easily saw that the singer took care of her head. She often changes different hairstyles even though they are feminine, contributing to the beauty of her gentle beauty.

07 hair and love story of Miley Cyrus

The ponytail tied her, helping Miley Cyrus’s face become more delicate.

The more the pain, the shorter the hair

Although decided to get engaged, “counting a hundred years” together, but like other couples, the love story of Miley and Liam also met many waves. Fans realized the tensions of this relationship when they began to see her change her hairstyle.

14 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Miley suddenly changed her hairstyle with a slightly curly bob and dyed copper gold.

Miley started to cut her hair short and dyed her colors more prominent.

13 hair and love story of Miley Cyrus

Short hair H'Hen Niê - A symbol of bravery not only of Vietnam

Short hair H’Hen Niê – A symbol of bravery not only of Vietnam

H’Hen Niê is probably the most distinctive and outstanding flower ever in Miss Viet village.

In the last days of 2012, fans were shocked when Miley appeared with pixie hair and dyed platinum. The doubts about the malfunction in Miley’s relationship and her fiancé began to appear intensely.

10 hair and love story of Miley Cyrus

Miley felt bored and the way she wanted to get rid of all her troubles was to cut her hair.

Until Miley “plays bigger” with “impulsive” undercut hairstyle. Longtime Miley fans believe that she is not okay. And the truth is that between Miley and Liam there was a lot of conflict. The two no longer had a common voice, they quarreled, broke up and came back again and again. Surrounding the immature love is pressure from the public and the whole family. Miley’s father thinks she is too young to marry. Liam’s family does not like a rebellious daughter-in-law.

11 hair and love story of

Miley’s “no one” hairstyle.

After many denials, Miley finally faced the truth. She announced that she had canceled the engagement and everyone went with Liam. From that moment, Miley almost became uncontrollably rebellious. She dressed so boldly that she was judged as offensive by the majority of the public, and always acted unsightly in front of the camera. In particular, the hair is “being” shaved closely.

12 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Miley always has “extreme” expressions in front of the camera.

After a break up, she immediately released “super hit” Wrecking Ball. Miley does not admit that this song is about a love affair with Liam. But every word and melody of the song are like her own fragmented mood. She also cried when performing the song for the first time Wrecking Ball on the stage.

wrecking ball GIF by Miley Cyrus

In that year 2013, “Miley Cyrus” became the hottest keyword of the year. Because the gentle princess for a while now has cut her long bangs and becomes “crazy” for love. Miley gradually became labeled “bad girl” with not so beautiful images such as smoking marijuana on stage, being addicted to alcohol, eating indifferently.

20 miley's hair and love story

Miley always appears with confusing outfits as well as clothes.

Some people love and understand, but many people blame Miley, especially disparaging her “rebellious” hair. However, perhaps Miley, like any other girl, also wants to change her appearance after the difficulties and suffering. Cutting your hair is to assert your right to own and control yourself. Like wanting to get rid of a hundred things, Miley, despite the criticisms, still wants to assert: “A very different Miley will revive”.

Love filled, tender again

After 2 years of experiencing a few love affairs, Miley and Liam both realized that they could not live without their partners. They have decided to get back together. Answer on the sheet Billboard, Miley asserted she and Liam were “falling in love” again. After that, Miley released the MV Malibu romantic to celebrate this love.

15 hair and love story of miley cyrus

When she returned to Liam, Miley suddenly turned a feminine image. She becomes more flustered compared to her previous rebellious style. The female singer is more discreet, calm and gentle than before. Sources of the site Entertainment Tonight Miley also shared: Miley tried to quit marijuana, alcohol and had the most active life after a few years being labeled Hollywood’s “bad girl”.

16 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Of course, she has no intention of returning to the image of a teenage princess. But fans must admit that Miley looks more and more radiant. Miley’s action of growing long hair is like how she is nourishing the love of her life.

17 hair and love story of miley cyrus

Miley’s smile and gaze in every moment show that she is living in love.

Miley Cyrus's 02 hair and love story

Miley is more and more loving and graceful with her fiance.

The image of Miley Cyrus with a background, gently “cut the heart” of millions of fans. She wears classic red lipstick and smooth, long hair. No one can recognize that it is the “We Can’t Stop” girl who has been controversial for a while!

A peaceful little wedding, ending a turbulent love

The love story that costs countless papers has had a full end. Miley shared photos of Liam embracing and kissing with the status line: “10 years later”. And the Australian actor posted a sweeter line: “My love”. This is considered a confirmation that the couple has officially married the couple.

The fateful love between Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth makes the public extremely excited. A love story that begins in the youth and has a beautiful ending when both grow up is really rare in Hollywood. Love for 10 years has been passionate, has madness, has impulses and even mistakes. But in the end, they still find each other and are happy from the weirdest things. Saying that women can cut their hair, cut their hair out of love, and change their fate, at least in the case of Miley Cyrus!

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