Mistakes when dyeing hair at home or make

According to the modern hair trend, famous actors choose their fashion-dyed hair, many young people learn. Owning a stylishly dyed hair usually costs a large amount of money and it is not suitable for the main students so the home dyeing solution is chosen by many young people! Despite their cost savings and the widely available dyeing products on the market, most people make unfortunate mistakes when dyeing their hair at home! let’s review Blackhair101.com Mistakes when dyeing hair at home or make just in case!

1. Mistakes want to change when things are unhappy

  • Women often excitedly change their hairstyles when encountering bad events such as breaking up, quitting their jobs, … But the choices are often poor now, leading to a month of regret. Especially when you choose to dye very dark, because it takes a long time for your hair to return to youthful, fashionable tones.

Mistakes when dyeing hair at home or make 1

2. Mistake to buy temporary dyes

  • If you want to temporarily change your hair color to attend an event, don’t trust the hype on the packaging. Experts say, no matter what, all the colors will remain in your hair more or less.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 2

3. Mistakenly choosing the wrong color tone

  • On the packaging of the dye bottle sold in supermarkets, the results are often wrongly advertised after dyeing, the copper gold turns into orange yellow, the smoky gray color turns black. Therefore, you will most likely choose the wrong color tone you want. To avoid the awkward situation of comparing results, it’s best to ask a hairdresser for help.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 3

4. Mistake when you do not know the rules of color mixing

  • Hair coloring is both a science and an art. If you do not know how to mix colors effectively, it will be difficult to get the color of your hair. You have to understand some basic rules, for example platinum color will not be able to color on dark background hair, coating copper red on chocolate brown hair will dull your old color.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 4

5. Mistake to try too new trends

  • If you want an impressive ombre or trendy red hair, then it is best to go to the salon for professional help. Breakthroughs take the necessary skills to produce the right dye. The advice is to choose a safe solution, if you do not want to become a joke to people.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 5

6. Mistakes do not know how to bleach hair

  • Bleaching is a complex process that transforms dark hair into blonde or platinum. This process requires professional skills and many important steps. You should never bleach your hair at home if you don’t want to ruin your hair. Remember, hair bleaching is a must for the specialist.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 6

7. Uneven dyeing

  • Applying the dye from a bottle is difficult to apply evenly to all of your hair. To avoid a “mottled” color disaster after dyeing, at least ask someone for help if you want to dye your hair at home.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 7

8. Dye too often

  • As your hair grows, the original roots will need to be colored. We then often hesitate to signal that we want to do it at home to save money. But this is also quite risky, if the hairline is not long enough, when dyeing they will catch the color and be brighter than usual. Wait at least 2-3 weeks and then think about dyeing again.

Common mistakes when dyeing hair at home 8

If you have ever dyed your hair at home, then surely you will make one or more of the 8 mistakes above. In order to have a perfectly colored hair, you need to know about dyeing your hair as well as know how to dye your hair to have beautiful hair. Please share Mistakes when dyeing hair at home or make let everyone know together! Always accompany us to update many beautiful hairstyles, the most fashionable hairstyles!

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