My Hair Regimen


Hair Philosophy: Less is More. Hair Treatment: I give my hair a hot oil treatment every Thursday night with the hot oil recipe. Shampoo: I shampoo my hair every Friday morning with a non-sulfate shampoo. Most times I use my own concoction. Once a month I shampoo with baking soda …

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My Hair Regimen 2016


Just a brief update on my hair. I have not relaxed it since January 2015. My hair is now at an awkward transitioning phase. Six inches of it is natural and the rest is bone straight. I have been here before, except this time I think I am going to …

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Hair Porosity


Each hair strand naturally contains water, how well it can absorb and retain moisture determines the porosity of the hair. The porosity of the hair is not static. It can change from one level to the next, depending on how you treat your hair, how well you moisturize and lock …

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