The causes of hair loss that we pay little attention to in everyday life

We all want to have beautiful and glamorous hair, but everyday actions accidentally kill your hair. With we go to find out the causes of hair loss that we pay little attention to in everyday life that we get offline!

1. The cause of hair loss is washing hair with hot water regularly

  • Just like skin, when taking a bath that is too hot can dry out the skin, so does the hair. Shampooing with water that is too hot will cause dry scalp, brittle hair, and fall out. Hot water can cause the pores to dilate, damaging the roots. Therefore, you should pay attention to wash your hair with water with a moderately warm temperature.

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2. Causes of hair loss due to excessive drying or using high heat tools to style hair

  • The heat from the hairdressing tool can destroy the proteins that make up the hair and protective cuticles. When the cuticles are damaged, the moisture balance is broken and your hair is easily broken. Therefore, we should limit the temperature of the tool to a moderate level, especially with a dryer you should use on a cool breeze. Always use hair care cosmetics before drying, styling to give your hair an extra layer of protection and heat resistance.

3. Causes hair loss due to less shampooing

  • Accumulation of hair care products, excessive dirt or dandruff on the scalp clogs the pores on the scalp, affecting hair growth. Wash your hair every two days, especially if you are sweaty and use styling products regularly. However, avoid washing your hair once a day as it will make your hair brighter and drier.

4. Causes of hair loss due to lack of quality diet

  • Excessive dieting will make you not have enough energy to supply the body, not only affecting the functioning of the heart and brain, but it also affects the hair. In fact, science has shown that severe hair loss is one of the first symptoms of anorexia. Since hair is mainly made up of protein, eat a healthy diet with lots of protein (25-30% of your total calories), especially protein rich foods including fish and chicken. and pass …

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5. The cause of hair loss is due to the strong impact when the hair is wet

  • Wet hair is usually very fragile, easily damaged by stretching, and the roots are weaker than usual. If you wipe and brush your hair vigorously, rubbing your hair will make it more likely to fall or break. Be sure to use a soft cotton towel, gently moistened with water, on your hair. This not only helps to protect the roots, but also prevents the hair from frizzing. If your hair is too tangled, you can use a wide-tooth comb, gently hold a handful of hair and brush from the middle of the hair to the end of the hairline, then brush from the roots to the center of the hair. Such brushing helps the hair not to be tangled, in addition it stimulates the blood circulation in the hairline, and at the same time massages the hair and scalp to help comfort, comfort, and reduce headaches.

6. Causes of hair loss due to daily use of styling products

  • Hair sprays or hair gels are known to cause hair dryness and brittleness. When combing hair, substances left behind from these products cause hair to break or fall out. Note should ignore any products that make the hair hard or sticky. Instead, choose hair styling creams that are gentle, moisturize your hair and don’t create friction when brushing.

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7. Causes of hair loss due to birth control pills

  • The effect of birth control pills is to change the hormones and this is one of the reasons why hair is weakened, easily broken, especially for people sensitive to androgens. You should switch to low-index androgen contraceptives such as norgestimate, norethindrone or desogestrel ..

8. Cause hair loss due to scratching a lot

  • A habit of scratching your head can lead to hair loss. When the cuticle is damaged, the hair strands break easily. If you have an itchy seborrheic dermatitis, you can use shampoos that contain the ingredients selenium, zinc pyrithione, or tea tree oil. If it is more difficult to overcome, see a dermatologist for more advice.

9. Causes hair loss due to direct sunlight

  • Ultraviolet rays corrode the strength and elasticity of the hair, prolonged exposure weakens and disrupts the cuticles, resulting in brittle hair which can lead to hair loss.

10. Causes of hair loss due to too tight hair tie

  • Girls who love ponytails or buns, braids should pay attention because if too tight makes the hair stretch, weakens the hair follicles, leading to hair loss, making it difficult for hair to grow. Loosen your lanyard and release any time you can to relax and rest your hair.

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11. The cause of hair loss is caused by taking some drugs that are harmful to the hair

  • Certain medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, anti-hypertension, or hormones (such as thyroid replacement drugs) can cause hair loss. Side effects of these medications interrupt the normal cycle of hair growth, causing hair to stop growing and more loss. Make sure you ask your doctor about alternative medications to reduce hair loss.

So we have learned the knowledge and experience in life to have a thick and healthy hair. After you know the causes of hair loss that we pay little attention to in everyday life, you need to limit your exposure to these causes, only really use it when necessary. wishes you a thick, healthy, full of vitality hair!

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The causes of hair loss that we pay little attention to in everyday life