The causes of your dyed hair to lose its value

Many people want to renew themselves by changing their hairstyle as well as hair color, but after dyeing your hair you feel dissatisfied with your hair or after a while your hair is no longer as it should. ! There are many reasons why your hair will fall color and you will be in one The causes of your dyed hair to lose its value that outlined below. You need to thoroughly understand these causes and fix them at a reputable hair salon with many skilled professionals!

  • American entertainment star hair stylists Felicity Jones and Lady Gaga have advised on a few hair color options that will diminish your beauty and how you will have one. Properly dyed hair exudes noble elegance. Let’s find out these tips together.

1. Choose a color that is too different from your natural hair color

  • If your natural hair color is light brown and you choose to dye charcoal purple, it’s not that you can’t get it dark, but choose colors that are in the same tone as your hair (for example chestnut brown instead of blue. charcoal purple), this will make your hair color look natural and beautiful without being fake or awkward. Normally, when dyeing your hair, it’s important to compare your chosen hair color with your real hair color, be it between one or two tones darker or lighter than your real hair color.

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2. Highlight curls make hair lose its natural look

  • Highlight will make your hair look naturally shiny, your hair will appear more prominent, making your facial expression look vibrant as well as your skin will be brighter. However, if you highlight too much or make it too bright, instead of natural beauty, your hair will look very fake, especially after a while when the hair grows, the boundary between the highlight and the part. The dark hair will look ugly. In order to have beautiful natural highlights, highlights and uninterrupted hair color as your hair grows, ask a hair stylist to balance the highlight hair color with the real hair color so that when the hair grows out, it will look funny. more harmony.

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3. Big highlights are required, but the hairdresser makes small highlights for you

  • If you want big highlights, tell your hairstylist to create small highlights at the roots, but large at the ends. This will make the highlighted hair look natural.

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4. Dye your hairline yourself, but the color is too dark to make your look look weird

  • The roots of the hair as well as the fluffy hair are always softer and weaker than the other parts of the hair, so they will absorb the dye faster and then look darker. So when dyeing your hair, dye in this area with a shade lighter than the color in other areas of your hair.

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5. Is the choice of dye color right for my skin color?

  • You can choose your hair color without regard to your skin tone. You absolutely can. But if you choose the right hair color for your skin, your hair will look natural and will enhance your beauty! Nobody chooses your hair color better than hair stylists so ask them to choose the right hair color based on your skin color, eye color!
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6. Use only one color tone to dye the whole head

  • If you dye your head repeatedly, dyeing your hair in one tone each time will cause your hair to split into several tones at once. It also makes the hair on the ends darker if you dye dark colors like brown / black (the hair on the ends is susceptible to damage so they smoke stronger than other parts of the hair). So, if you dye your head in one color, experts recommend applying dye from root to tip.

Causes of your dyed hair loss of color7

7. Dye your hair from root to tip every time you go

  • If you have dyed hair that has a natural part of it and you want to re-dye it, then your advice is to dye the roots of your hair longer or, at best, one inch below the length of your hair. If you dye each time, you dye it from root to tip, you will end up with a heavy-looking ponytail because each time you dye it, the ends of your hair become a little darker.
  • For highlight hair, make sure the hairdresser does not highlight the highlight from the root to the tip, because with each bleaching time to highlight it, the hair will become weak and break easily, especially the ends of the hair will be damaged. damage and fade faster than other hair areas.

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8. Remove any bouncy brown hair so it turns orange

  • When changing from extremely dark to extremely bright hair, you need an expert. When you go to the hair salon, the hairdresser will know the right amount of dye (as well as the right time) to get the color gamut you want. The hairdresser also knows the color tone you need to get your hair orange as well as factors that can damage your hair – things you won’t know when dyeing yourself at home.

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9. Possesses stiff and lifeless blond hair

  • You always want your blond hair to look cool and natural. On the other hand, you don’t want to do too much highlighting and need to balance blond with dark hair. The harmony between light and dark tones will make you look even more vibrant!

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10. Blonde hair color turns orange or brass or gray

  • This usually happens when you dye your hair blond at home. So what happened? At home, you often do not know the amount of medicine is strong enough to lighten your hair like hairdressers. Blond hair color can also turn gray in the ends due to chemical buildup after repeated dyeing. To avoid this, tell your hairdresser to make your hair color a lighter tone than you want one tone, and use less chemicals on the ends of your hair.

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11. After too many dyes, the hair becomes frizzy and severely damaged

  • It is advisable to stop dyeing your hair immediately. Use a moisturizing mask several times a week to heal the damage to the hair, making the hair soft. You can also get advice from a hair stylist on how to get healthy hair again. If you don’t like your current hair color, tell an expert you want darker hair color and cover it only on the outside. This will reduce damage to your hair rather than dyeing bright colors that require bleaching.

At the end of post, I wish you more useful knowledge for styling as well as taking care of your dyed hair, at the same time avoiding the above problems as well as having a very effective remedy!

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The causes of your dyed hair to lose its value