How to Cover Gray Hairs Naturally

I have no intention of allowing my hair to grow old gracefully.

I am going to fight gray hairs until they overpower me at age seventy or something, but I am not giving up my youthful tresses without a fight. That is why I went information hunting just for other fighters like myself who stand ready to eliminate grayness as soon as it sniffs anywhere close to our heads.

I compiled a list of ‘treatments’ that I got from the Internet and from those ladies who are in the ‘know’. One lady said I could share her secret formula with my audience only after I put in my introduction that there is nothing wrong with having lots of glorious gray hairs, it shows that you have lived a full life. Sounds like she has given up the fight but I will press on any way because I vow to annihilate the dreaded gray (when it comes).

Seriously though, some of these natural gray hair treatment options are worth a try whatever your age.  What attracted me to these remedies is the fact that they are natural or use natural ingredients. Some persons swear by them and say that they do work.

  1. Potato peel rinse. I got this one from a friend of mine who swears by it, she says that it really does work. The process is simple- peel Irish potatoes and boil the peels, she claims her stray grays are completely darker because of this ‘magic formula’. I am going to test it out on my husband first. See recipe and instructions here.
  2. Drink fresh amaranth leaf juice daily it tastes great with lemon. In Trinidad amaranth is known as bhaji and in Jamaica callaloo. Other parts of the world call it different names (it grows as a weed in certain parts of America). The leaves are dark green and leafy, this vegetable is chock-full of various useful minerals and vitamins and best of all, it prevents premature graying and helps hair to retain its youthful color.
  3. Gooseberry (found widely in Europe) and mango seed (any mango seed will do apparently) paste. Take off the outer shell of the mango and ground both ingredients into a paste and then apply to the hair and scalp, leave on hair for two to four hours and then wash off. Do this treatment regularly in order to see discernible results.
  4. Curry leaves from the curry tree boiled in coconut oil and rubbed daily on hair can reverse hair pigmentation drastically and additionally stimulate hair growth. Curry leaves are sold online at Amazon or from Indian stores.
  5. Black currant juice, almond oil and a few drops of lime juice massaged into the scalp every night is said to prevent premature grayness.
  6. Blackstrap molasses contains copper; daily doses of copper through black strap molasses can reverse premature grayness. Get the genuine blackstrap molasses and not the ones mixed with corn syrup, a tablespoon per day is recommended. You can also add it to your hair treatments. Hair Growth Deep Conditioner Recipeis an example of how molasses can be incorporated in your regular hair regimen.
  7. Gooseberry juice mixed with lime juice placed on scalp overnight is supposed to work wonders. If your hair is dry or damaged do not try this remedy with the lime juice for an overnight session.
  8. Capsicum essential oil (this burns) and jojoba oil can be applied to the scalp to help get rid of premature gray hair. Use with caution, just a teaspoon of capsicum is recommended for this formula. I know that this combo is great for sore muscles after a particularly trying gym class, never tried it on hair.
  9. Mix 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ oil in to a glass of buttermilk and drink daily. This is supposed to stop premature graying of hair. I think I am going to try it as a conditioner blended with plain yogurt and a tablespoon of molasses.
  10. Castor oil, henna (organic, natural, no chemicals added) half a lemon juiced and apply to hair. Leave on for an hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo (preferably a shampoo without sulfites).
  11. A mixture of henna powder, fenugreek seeds, fresh basil, fresh mint and coconut oil applied to hair and stays on for two hours can help combat premature gray hair. It is also a great conditioner. Fenugreek seeds can be found in health food stores or your local supermarket in the food-seasoning isle.
  12. Massage scalp with ghee (clarified cow milk butter) twice per week, this is said to increase the production of melanin (which is key to giving hair back its color).
  13. Black tea combined with 1-tablespoon table salt massaged into the scalp and left on for an hour or more is said to work wonders on gray hair.
  14. Other gray hair remedies include: grated ginger with a little honey taken daily and wheat grass taken daily for a month or more.
  15. To restore natural color to gray hair, the following foods and vitamins have been reported to be successful for some people: PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), pantothenic acid, folic acid, brewer’s yeast, kelp and dulse.

If you like to experiment you can try one or more of these treatments and see if they work for premature grayness.



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