5 Hair Dying Tips and Color Chart Of Henna, Indigo and Cassia

We have outlined extensively the whole coloring process, offered recipes and suggestions to cover your grays and to achieve different colors without chemicals and synthetic additions. This final article in the series is a list of things that you should not do when you are coloring your hair using henna and indigo. The more experienced you get using these ingredients the more you may be tempted to experiment or to embark upon some short cuts. Here are the no–no’s.

1. Do not use henna or indigo or any combination on your eyelashes. You can try it on your eyebrows, beard or sideburns but do not put it on your eye lashes.

2. Do not use vinegar or wine to mix your henna. These products may be acidic but they are not the best options to use.

3. Use lemon juice, orange juice or even grapefruit juice to mix your henna. However, these juices especially lemon can dry your hair out, use orange juice instead of lemon juice if you have very dry hair.

4. Never mix your henna with boiling water. Use lukewarm or room temperature water instead. Boiling water will make your henna color fade faster.

5. If you have left over henna and indigo powder, they can be used again. You can freeze your extra henna powder and paste. However, indigo powder should be kept stored in a dry, dark place. Any leftover indigo mix is not reusable. It cannot be stored and be of use to you again.

Table Outlining Henna, Indigo and Cassia Colors and Their Results (copied from—mehandi.com)

If your hair is: Use Cassia Use ¾ cassia and ¼ henna Use Henna Use 2/3 henna and 1/3 indigo Use ½ henna and ½ indigo Use 1/3 henna and 2/3 indigo Use Henna first, then indigo
Medium Brown Glossy medium brown Red highlights Auburn Medium Brown Medium brown Dark brown Blue-black
Dark Brown Glossy dark brown Red highlights Dark Auburn Dark Brown Warm brown Dark brown Blue-black
Black Glossy black Slight red highlights Black with red shimmer Warm Black Warm black Warm black Blue-black
Gray Gray Golden copper Coppery red Light brown Medium brown Dark brown Black

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