5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Black Hair

It is thanksgiving season and whilst we know that we should give thanks at all times there are times when we tend to be ungrateful for what we have. There is one thing that seems to give us a lot of reasons to mumble about and that is our hair. I believe that this is a problem for women everywhere but it takes on special significance for persons with kinky hair. There are times when we envy persons of our own race who have more defined curls or wavy hair and we curse our gene pool and call our hair ‘bad’ or ‘tough’ and ladies with a longer smoother hair texture we define them as having good hair.

Lord help us! Our ungratefulness started at the cradle and unfortunately continues with the passage of time as we pass down our definition of hair to our children. Some of us find our hair so repugnant that we process our children’s hair before they are able to talk properly and when they lose this hair via traction alopecia we attribute the loss to the badness of the hair.

We rarely take the time out to reflect on the good qualities of kinky textured hair we just know that something has to be done about it, not because we would want to change the look of the hair, as all women whatever their race do, but because we think its bad.

One lady put it succinctly for me the other day, she said, I would not have my husband now if my hair was not relaxed, when the relaxer ate it all off, I had to wear a weave because I would not be caught dead with my real hair. So for today, we are going to be thankful for our real hair, there is a reason we were born with it and we will find five reasons to be thankful.

1. It Is The Most Unique Hair In The World

Other races have similar looking hair, which all grow down. Ours grow up and out.

2. It appears thick and dense when left out

Our hair is a huge mass of kinks, very thick mass of hair. This is unusual and so lovely to look at, especially when it is healthy.

3. It is flexible

Our hair is so flexible that we are pioneers of so many hairstyles including dreadlocks. Wash and wear is too simple for us, the afro- textured hair can be turned into a work of art very easily without additional hair added or volumnizers.

4. It can withstand abuse

We put chemicals in it to straighten, make it curly or change the color and still it survives the processes and perseveres in growing in every month on schedule.

5. It can stop a bullet and protect your head from a fall

Seriously, thick kinky hair is superhero material, recently a lady was shot at in a bank and the bullet was lodged in her hair. Another lady was thrown head first from a car and she did not suffer one glass cut or bruise, her hair cushioned her from harm. Go kinky hair!

Be thankful for your hair this thanksgiving.

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