5 Reasons to Make Your Own Hair Products

I know we live in a busy world and sometimes we wear so many hats as ladies that manufacturer of hair products is not one that you would want to add to your resume. However, there are some advantages in making your own hair products, especially if you are concerned about the harsh chemicals that are put in today’s beauty products. Here are five reasons to make your own:

1. It is economical– When you think about all the products that you have to buy in order to make your hair silky and smooth, or curly and soft, you have to admit that going in your pantry and taking some of what you bought to eat and  using them in your hair is the sensible way to go especially if your homemade products can do the same things that the commercialized offerings you see on the shelves of your supermarket and beauty shop claim to do. Frankly, many of the products that we buy have added harsh chemicals. Women who care about hair are always on the look out for something that works. So our product pile up gets pretty high and costs more in the long run than homemade alternatives.

2. It is better for your hair– When you are knowledgeable about the products that can be used for hair; you are better able to choose the ones that are tailor-made to suit your unique hair situation. Instead of going out and buying something for dry hair, maybe you can pick something in your back yard that works as well and may be the key ingredient in the product that you bought. The funny thing about hair products is that many times the key ingredient is ranked so low at the bottom of the list when other things like fillers and chemicals that add absolutely no benefit to your hair are listed at the top. When you make your own product you can control how much of the key ingredient your hair gets, this can only mean a healthier head of hair for you.

3. To avoid the bad stuff- There are plenty of bad stuff in the commercial products that we use. They aren’t only bad for our bodies but they are bad for the environment as well. When you make your own products you can avoid quite a few of the bad ingredients that are added.

4. To pass on good hair habits to your children– Children live what they learn, so you are probably following the same hair care regime that your mother used. My grandmother passed on some hair values to me that I can never forget and these are the use of egg as a hair protein and coconut oil as a replacement for all the fancy petroleum based oils on the market. So you can start a natural product revolution in your own home that can influence the state of your daughter’s mane in the future.

5. To Force The Hand of manufacturers–  hair  product manufacturers use questionable ingredients in hair products because they are cheap. The hair industry is worth billions, but since the major consumers of hair products are black women, if more of them educated themselves about the ingredients used in their hair products and took a stand against them then the status quo would change.

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