A Simple Guide To Trimming Hair: Wet or Dry

I  recently gave my hair its yearly trim, it is something I do once for the year. For the the rest of the year, I do a thorough search and destroy so that I usually have no split ends, just scraggly looking unkempt, uneven ones by year end. I have resisted hairdressers and hair stylists who think that my hair needs to be trimmed, I usually tell them point blank, I do it myself, my hair ends might look scruffy but it does not have any splits.

The following is my method, it usually turns out just fine. All my pics are on my phone, however, I vow to put up some pics by next year for you to follow if you so desire. You can use this method or stick to the one you have perfected. If you already have a method that works, stick to it!

To trim your own hair you will need:

1. Sharp Scissors – only use the scissors for your hair. A styling shear would be best.

2. Two mirrors- one behind and one in front of you.

My Method:

1. Decide how you want your hair before you trim it. Do you prefer the front longer? The back longer? A V shape or a box shape?

2. Shampoo, condition and detangle hair.

3. Partially dry the hair with the t-shirt method. Hair should not be dripping wet.

4. Add a light coating of oil, to seal in the moisture.

5. Part hair in four, two sections at both sides of the head. Clip four sections separately.

6. Starting with the back, comb out one section, twist hair (as in two strand twist) and then cut the ends. Do this for both back sections and when finished, let the hair out and see if the ends are even, twist all of the hair at the back together and then cut it evenly with the two strand twist again. Loose out hair and check if its to your standards. Go at your own pace and do not cut off more than you want to. Always use your mirror so that you can assess how the back is going.

7. If you want to get rid of further scraggly ends or you think there are too many ends that you have not gotten and your hair needs a more thorough trim, prep your hair for setting it up on rollers and then with every section that you comb out to apply to the rollers, run your fingers to the very end where you have uneven hair- smoothing the hair as you go along, and then trim the ends in a straight line. You can prep hair in the style that you want your hair to ultimately come out looking like (a side part, middle part etc.) I generally cut my hair using the middle part and it comes out looking like I did it in layers.

8. If for any reason, you are still dissatisfied with how your ends are looking after trimming, get someone you trust to trim your hair instead of doing it yourself.

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