Begin Here For Longer Thicker Black Hair

The truth is, taking care of black hair whether natural or relaxed does not have to be hard and your hair can grow long and thick and look fabulous without having to buy any hair products at all or as little as possible.

My hair grew when it was natural and it grew when it was relaxed and in both states, when my hair did the very best, I used minimal hair products. As a matter of fact, since I have gone to the opposite of the established practices and started to whip up my own concoctions in the kitchen from my weekly groceries I have gotten some good results.

There are many persons who are just coming to a realization of hair care and want to have a step-by-step guide on how to proceed. This is a suggestion of where to begin. On this site, the push is really to take care of your hair with the bounteous things of nature and to do it with as little fuss as possible.

The Basics:

What Is The Secret To Having Long Thick Relaxed Hair-Part One

What Is The Secret To Having Long Thick Relaxed Hair- Part Two

Understanding Hair

Black Women Hair Care – 7 Hair Facts You Should Know

Hair Types

How To Have A Healthy Hair Scalp

How To Achieve Healthy Hair Ends

Moisture and Hair

Protein and Hair

Moisture and Protein Maintaining The Balance

Oils Explained

Oils vs Moisture

Natural Products?

Hair Regimens Why You Should Have One