Chocolate Hair Benefits

If you are a certified chocoholic the following article will seem strange and disturbing. Chocolate for hair? No way! As a matter of fact, yes way! Even though you may feel that chocolate was made to be eaten not used on hair. Think about it, chocolate is derived from the same parts of the cocoa tree as cocoa butter, but is processed adding in other ingredients.

I have recently discovered raw chocolate processed from cocoa pods. Without sugar or other added ingredients, it is nothing like the chocolate that you would find in the grocery store, it smells the same, only darker and richer and it is bitter! These days since my discovery I have made chocolate bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate tea, chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate energy bars, all with the rich chocolate taste when ingredients like sugar and milk are added.

I don’t know when exactly my usual thought processes brought up the impossible suggestion that I should find out if it can be used on hair. I was slightly taken aback that it could. Though why I should be surprised is anybody’s guess, I know that chocolate comes from cocoa, in fact I recently read an article about the antioxidant benefits of chocolate which far outweigh that of green tea. Chocolate is said to have the best available source of flavanoids among all the foods we eat so far. In fact it is a rich source of : protein, ribloflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium and a lot more minerals.

Dark chocolate has 35 percent more of the brown paste of ground cocoa beans than other chocolate so it is a concentrated formula.

What type of chocolate can you use on hair?

The type of chocolate that is best used on the hair is dark chocolate, which must have at least 70 percent cocoa content (do not buy dark chocolate that does not have the cocoa percentage stated). It is also best to get chocolate that is unsweetened. Unsweetened chocolate is chocolate in its rawest form, this is roasted, crushed and cleaned and made into bars, when grated or melted they make the best chocolate cakes and cupcakes- they are also known as baking chocolate. They are the ones that are good for hair.

Chocolate Uses O n Hair

Are you ready to experiment with chocolate on your hair? According to, chocolate is great for hair loss, conditions hair and stimulates your scalp. So if you have a bar of dark chocolate which you were reserving for baking and you would like to know what all the hype is about, you can melt it (using the double boiler method) mix it with your oils for a deep conditioner or add it to your pre-shampoo preparations to up the antioxidant value of your mix.

Put an equal amount of chocolate with your other hair butters for a chocolaty smell and for added nutrition. The important focus in the application of your chocolate needs to be on the scalp. With the aid of a little heat, which opens the pores, the nutrients from chocolate will be absorbed into your scalp, giving hair the rejuvenating help it needs to be healthy.

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