Hair Regimens – Why You Should have One.

Hair regimens are basically a set way of doing things for your hair. I have found that persons with hair regimens are usually better at keeping track of what they are doing to their hair and can pinpoint whenever something needs to be changed or can pinpoint exactly what is working for their hair. A hair regimen is an individual thing and so you will find that though some regimens might work well for others, it might not do as well for your particular hair. It all comes down to understanding what works for your hair.

Types Of Regimens

There are several persons who swear by co-washing their hair everyday and they say there hair grows like a weed and it looks healthy and thick. However, I tried it and that regimen does not do so well for my hair, the drying time is too long for me especially when I have meetings or need to run errands.

Other persons, cannot do without their natural oils, their hair looks so much better and is very strong and healthy because of it, but others, like my sister, cannot use oils as her skin is allergic to most.

Another part of some peoples regimen is washing their hair every two weeks or once per month. My hair cries out for water if it is not washed every single week, personally my scalp can’t take the pressure if my hair does not get a washing; by the 6th day it starts to itch.

Trial and Error

So, it is all a matter of trial and error to come up with a regimen. However there are basic concepts that you can follow and build on. There are no hard and fast rules as far as regimens are concerned, if you are aspiring for your hair to look like some other person’s and their particular regimen does not suit your schedule or your budget, you can tailor it to reflect your own situation. Some products are similar in nature and can get you the same results as others. For instance, coconut oil and olive oil do basically the same things for hair. One can be substituted for the other… tea tree oil (which is not an oil) can be substituted for any of these two oils if you do not want to use oils.

Hair Regimen Plan

When I first started researching about hair, I was bombarded with what other people did for their particular hair and I was all over the place searching for the products that they used and doing whatever it is that they did.  So I soon had a cupboard full of hair products and no particular system of using them, until I had the good sense to simplify things by writing down what I was going to do for my hair; I reasoned that nobody else knew my hair like I did so I was going to implement the basics. That is the point that my hair started to do better because I had a plan for it and a goal to achieve. My goal was long healthy hair at a low cost.

Think of your hair regimen as a plan for your hair. The blueprint which you will follow so that you can maximize your hair’s health and longevity. It is good to tweak the plan as your hair demands change and to keep doing best practices to help it along.

That’s exactly how I approach my hair regimen. My hair regimen is not static, the products I use are not static, with each new kernel of knowledge that I gain, I adjust my regimen to fit into best practices. So, if you are clueless as to how to start a regimen, then you can use the hair regimens on this site as a starting guide and then tweak them to make it your own.

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