How to Shampoo Black Hair: Do’s and Don’ts


Shampooing hair is definitely not rocket science, for most persons it is just a matter of finding the right shampoo for hair and then having a go at the hair on their head. Not very hard is it? Well believe it or not shampooing black hair takes a little more care than normal, especially when the hair is processed. There are do’s and dont’s that we have to follow if we want to retain our hair length and to preserve the moisture in it.

Shampoo Do’s

  • Wash your hair in parts, gently massaging the shampoo into the root of your hair and onto your wet scalp.
  • Wash your hair when it is dirty and keep your scalp clean. A clean scalp fosters hair growth.
  • Budget enough time to deep condition your hair at least once per week after shampooing.
  • Wash your hair with room temperature water. For best results, extreme water temperatures should be avoided when washing hair. Too hot a water temperature can cause hair to dry out and too cold a water temperature can reduce the dirt lifting impact.

Shampoo Don’ts

  • Do not shampoo your hair twice in the same session especially if you are using a commercial preparation. The adage lather and repeat is not intended for relaxed or curly haired black women.
  • Do not wash your hair like it’s a rag or a piece of cloth. The key to having clean hair is to actually wash the scalp. Put your finger on your scalp and gently massage it until the dirt is lifted, then rinse and apply a conditioner.
  • Do not wash your hair ends. The ends of your hair will be washed by default. It is not close to your head so it wont be very dirty. Free flowing shampoo and water will give it all the washing it needs without you agitating it.
  • Do not scrub your scalp with your fingernail, use the pads of your fingers to gently massage it.
  • Do not wear rings or other jewellery that can hitch the hair when washing; try to avoid doing this and you may save some of your strands.

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