Search and Destroy: Chop Off Split Ends Before They Go Further

If you want to get rid of split ends without losing much length you have to get them when they are new. You have to declare war on your split ends or they will devour your hair and you will have to end up cutting off more than you would like. This advice goes for both processed and unprocessed hair.

A few years ago I decided to inspect my mothers hair for split ends. Oh, it was awful; I had to cut off close to six inches of her hair because the splits were so bad. Her hair is natural so she had the mentally that anything goes all she needed to do was wash and wear. At the time she was also despairing that her hair was shedding like crazy, it turns out that they her hair was splitting all the way up the hair shaft and was shedding like crazy.

If you do not want to be in this situation, you can stop the splits in their tracks. However, before you start cutting, lets find out why the hair would split in the first place:

Causes of Split Ends

1. Brushing Hair- Use a wide tooth comb in your hair instead and never ever brush wet hair.

2. Heat- we have bashed heat on this site so much I am sure you have gotten the message by now.

3. Chemical processes- this includes the use of relaxers, dyes and perms. The ends of the hair should be protected during and after these treatments and the use of conditioners should not be skipped after getting any of these processes. Conditioning should be done on a weekly basis.

4. Shampoo- while it is good to wash the hair for the scalp to be clean, be careful of chemical laden shampoos that cause the hair to be dry and brittle.

5. Exposure To Elements- the weather can wreak havoc on your hair, sun, wind, snow, ice, sleet.

6. Bad Diet- you are what you eat has never been truer in the case of the hair, missing even one important nutrient can cause your hair to start splitting or shedding.

7. Rubbing and Pulling- if your ends are pulled a lot or rub on cloths that rob it of moisture it can split.


Search for the splits on your ends, some of them are pretty small, these are the best ones to chop off because you can get them when they are young and it won’t affect your hair shape much. You can search for split ends when you have some down time every week and just clip off the ones that you find.

Another way to really get these splits is to clarify your hair and allow it to dry and then search for split ends. The problem (I use the word problem tentatively) with some conditioners is that they contain silicone and this substance has the tendency to temporarily mask split ends by literally gluing the ends together. I say temporarily because as soon as you stop conditioning the splits will show themselves. So for a true representation of how your ends are, clarify your hair and then search for splits.

If your hair strands are split all over then you may need to do a general trim. Hence, when you search and destroy you can hold off on a general trim for a longer period of time.

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