Summer Hair Care Tips For Relaxed Hair

One of my favorite songs by Roberta Flack is Summertime. The first part of the song says,

Summertime when will you come
I wanna put my light things on
I wanna put my winter life away
Summertime I need a sunny day

Summer is normally one of the hottest times of the year and with summer comes a whole host of activities that are not exactly relaxed hair friendly. The trouble with summer is that you normally sweat in your hair more than any other time of year, even if you are not exercising. So for those persons who are feeling the heat and despairing over the condition of their hair, these tips should help.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Co-wash hair as often as it’s dirty – Salty sweat is not good to leave sitting in your hair. Whenever you sweat a lot or your hair feels especially dirty, co-wash it. Co-wash is a combination of the words condition and wash. In other words, wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. This hair care regimen is gentler on the hair and makes it feel good. Personally, I co-wash my hair quite a bit in the summer months and whenever I hit the gym on a regular basis.

Go light on the heavy oils – Its hot and humid and downright muggy in some places when summer rolls around, so there is no need to use a lot of heavy oils such as castor oil. Be very sparse with your oils and very generous with your water based moisturizers. Besides, your hair can make you feel even hotter and more miserable if it is seeping oils under the glare of the hot sun.

Practice your protective styles – Take your ends out of the way with a bun style. Do an elegant side bun or a French Plait bun. Be creative with your buns. The objective of going bun for the summer is to take your hair ends out of the way for a good portion of a hot day and to give your ends a well needed rest from the elements. Putting your hair in a bun (once it is not a tight bun) is one of the best protective styles for maintaining healthy ends.

Drink water and “no sugar added” fruit juices – This is not only a hair care tip, it is a body tip as well. The more healthily you drink (especially of water) the more hydrated your body will be and this will transfer to healthy looking hair. Instead of sweet drinks or alcoholic concoctions, drink to your hair’s health.

Head Coverings -These are a must have when swimming in pools or beaches. The chlorine in pools and the salt in sea water can play havoc on your strands. I have tried the conditioner method, which is to condition my hair and then go into the sea for a swim but that does not make much a difference to hair; suffice it to say it took weeks for my hair to  get back to its regular feel.

Get a head covering that is secure before you go into the water. This may not look sexy but at least your hair will look gorgeous after everyone else is out of the water and trying to contain their strands. Better yet, don’t let the salt water touch your hair, just plant yourself in the beach chair and enjoy the sea breeze.

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