What is the Secret to Having Long Thick Relaxed Hair? Part Two


This is part two of an article on how to have long relaxed hair. We continue with five more secrets to having long thick relaxed hair. For many ladies these are just common sense suggestions. However, if  you were like me you will use and implement every useful tip.

  1. Oils– Not all oils are meant to be used in our hair. Our hair is a natural extension of our bodies; hence we should use oils that are natural. That is my theory and I am sticking to it. If I can’t eat it for food or use on skin, I am not putting it in my hair. So oils like coconut, oil, castor, jojoba are good oils. Bad oils include petroleum and mineral oil. Oils are used to seal in moisture, hence, if your hair is not already moist using bad oils will in fact seal out moisture. The prescription is to use moisture first then oil. I will explain more in oils vs. moisturizers.
  2. Heat– The use of heat is usually the downfall of many a glorious mane. Heat can do several things to hair, one of them is to dry it out , the other is to straighten. If your hair is already chemically straightened, constantly using direct heat on it will cause breakage. The frequent use of curling irons, flat irons or dryers can cause hair to be brittle and ultimately lead to hair loss.
  3. Your Diet– You have probably heard the adage, you are what you eat, well its true. There are some foods that will enhance hair growth and some that will impede it. Even though your hair grows at an average six inches per year, you can experience unexplained breakage and lose it all, if your diet is not good. There are some persons who go on unbalanced diets, or switch their diet and the first thing that goes is their hair.
    There are others who do not drink enough water and are so dehydrated that their hair start shedding. To have good hair growth, you have to eat relatively well. There are some persons who swear by vitamin supplements and other things but I believe that if you eat a balanced diet your hair will grow long and healthy.
  4. Weaves and Hair Pieces– I understand that sometimes it is necessary to wear wigs or weaves for conditions like cancer or bald spots or even a special occasion when you have no idea what to do with your hair, but wearing these things daily can affect your hair growth negatively. Why not learn how to take care of your own hair and wear it with pride. Weaves and hair pieces that are sewn into or attached to real hair with glue are a real hair killer, bits of your real hair are lost when they are attached or removed. Who can forget the shocking pictures of Naomi Campbell’s sparse hair side when the breeze blew her wig up. There was no hair under there!  Isn’t it better to rock your own healthy waist length hair than resorting to attaching someone’s mane.
  5. Combs and Brush– This is where many persons have an issue. They do all the right things and yet they have a fine tooth comb with notches at the base scraping away their vulnerable hair strands. The best combs are the large toothed combs with no grooves at the base to snag hair. The best brushes are soft bristle brushes that will not pull or snag hair. The best thing to do is to never brush your hair. It serves no purpose for black hair except to give you a pre-mature thinning of the ends. Never, ever brush your ends.
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