Avocado Butter For Hair


Once upon a time in the days before everything was so commercialized and appeared in a bottle ready for immediate consumption, one of the best pomades that was used to stimulate hair growth and to give hair a glorious sheen was made from mashing the avocado fruit into a pulp and applying it to hair.

Today, we have become more sophisticated and advanced but we are still cognizant of the bountiful nutrients contained in avocados such as copper and potassium and oleic acid and a host of other vitamins and minerals. We get this goodness through oils, the fruit itself and avocado butter.

The avocado butter is made by crushing the fruit to produce an oil and then the oil is hydrogenated, giving a soft, green butter. The avocado butter melts easily which makes it ideal to absorb into the skin and hair.

Avocado Butter Benefits

Avocado butter, like its other butter counterparts have a whole list of benefits. It is arguably the heaviest of the butters because of the concentration of those rich oils so it is superb to use for dry hair, relaxed heads will have to use it sparingly, so as not to appear too greasy, natural ladies, this is a fabulous oil especially if your hair is dry. Here are the benefits to both hair and skin:

  • Conditions hair and scalp– Used by itself or along with other oils, avocado butter is a very nutrient rich natural conditioner. Avocado Hair Conditioner Recipe is an example of how this fruit can be used as a conditioner.
  • Moisturizing and healing dry damaged skin and hair– a little goes a long way when applied to hair and skin.
  • Reduces wrinkles, age spots, marks and scarring– Most of the butters are good with wrinkles and age spots but avocado butter when applied alone and consistently has turned out to be an anti-aging powerhouse. When combined with cocoa butter and applied to marks and scars, results are said to be apparent after six weeks of consistent use.
  •  Heat Protectant– for those persons who are looking for a natural heat protectant, the avocado butter is a handy butter to protect the hair from heat damage and chemical treatments.
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Avocado Butter Uses

How can you use this versatile butter? Well it can be used alone as a moisturizer, it has a mild scent, when applied to hair very sparingly, it gives hair a nice sheen and strengthens the hair. It can be used in pre-shampoo treatments along with other oils or butters, it can be used as a deep conditioner, when heat is applied to the butter it can penetrate your hair strand and give your hair a very good deep conditioning. You can also put some in your shampoo to enrich it, add it to your regular conditioner for extra moisture or add it to other butters for lotions and creams for your skin

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