Black Tea Rinse For Shiny Lustrous hair


Black tea is a product made from the camellia sinesis plant. Black tea leaves were once green tea leaves, which were blown on, withered and then oxidized. Studies indicate that the compounds contained in black tea – theaflavins and thearubigens – not only contribute to black teas distinct flavor and color but also provides numerous health benefits, such as cardiovascular health benefits, lower prevalence of diabetes and cancer prevention.

Why are we interested in black tea for hair?

  • Black tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine, and in recent years various studies have shown that moderate amounts of caffeine on the scalp can contribute to the decrease in hair loss and encourage hair growth.
  • Black tea has astringent properties, furthermore it is quite penetrative, when it penetrates the scalp it dissolves excess sebum. When the tea dissolves the excess dirt and oil, the hair is free to grow in a cleaner environment with tighter pores.
  •  Black tea helps to darken the hair and adds shine to it.
  • Black tea rinse increases hair volume.

How to use black tea rinse

Black tea can be used in the loose tea format (hard to find in stores) or as tea bags; there are several varieties of black tea on the market. When using loose leaves use less than you would tea bags. One tea bag to one cup of water is the usual dosage.

To make the tea rinse boil water and then add to leaves or tea bag, cover and allow to steep. If using loose leaves strain after the water has cooled. For stronger potency use more tea bags or allow to steep in hot water for a longer time.

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When To Use Black Tea Rinse

Some persons use the black tea rinse in lieu of conditioner. After a shampoo, massage tea rinse into hair, cover hair with plastic cap for an hour or more and then rinse out. Please see this recipe:  Black Tea Rinse and Rosemary For Darker Hair Color for ingredients and instructions on how to cover pre-mature gray hairs.

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