Burdock Root Tea Rinse To Improve Hair Strength

Burdock root is another plant that is widely used as a rinse. The plant has been in use for centuries because of its medicinal values. The burdock root contains an array of nutrients including calcium, iron, potassium and amino acids. Burdock root is also an effective anti fungal and antibacterial agent. Uses for burdock include:

  • Food and Drink- popular feature in European and Asian cuisine
  • Medicine- Burdock root oil extract is used to treat scalp conditions, burdock leaves are used for pain management in burn situations, it is also used as a blood purifying agent.

Burdock Root Hair Benefits

  • Burdock Root is traditionally used to improve the strength of hair and to promote hair growth. It is effective when used to combat against hair shedding.
  • Burdock Root contains essential fatty acids and is extremely nutritious for the hair scalp.
  • Burdock root gives the hair good slip because of its mucilage, natural and processed hair ladies can benefit from this feature.
  • Burdock root oil extract, otherwise known as Bur oil, has long been used as a scalp treatment to improve the strength, sheen and volume of the hair.
  • Burdock root rinses after a shampoo stimulates the hair scalp and encourages hair growth. This tea rinse can be used as a final rinse.

Burdock Root Rinse

Burdock and nettle work very well together for scalp conditions. To enhance the effect of burdock root for you hair and scalp you can add nettle to the rinse for a nourishing rinse. You can also use burdock as a leave-in conditioner for hair, it is a good alternative to over the counter preparations.

How to make burdock root rinse

To make burdock root rinse is similar to other infusions, use a heaped teaspoon of burdock root to 1-cup water. You can multiply this according to your hair length and needs. Boil water and throw over the burdock root and leave it to infuse, cover the container and allow the water to cool before straining. The longer the root soaks, the more potent it is.

Suggestions: Instead of using water in your water based moisturizer you can add burdock root tea instead.

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