Cocoa Butter Hair Lotion Recipe

This hair recipe was pulled out of the annals of time, dusted off and embellished a little. I can vaguely recall using cocoa butter hair lotion when I was very young. My mother got a couple blocks (literally blocks) of the stuff from England and she was determined to not throw them away. I bathed in it, used it as moisturizer for skin and hair. I can recall hating the smell at the time and feeling very hard done by a mother determined to ‘waste not want not’. Today I wish I had a constant supply of that particular cocoa butter which was cold pressed and as organic as they come. Here is an updated version of that long ago recipe.

1/2-cup cocoa butter (chip it off your block into slivers and measure)

1/4-cup Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (the real coconut oil that sleeps when it is cold)

10 drops jasmine essential oil (other fragrant oils can be used)


1. Melt the cocoa butter and the coconut oil in a dish, using the double boiler method (putting the dish with the ingredients in a container with hot water).

2. When the butter and the oil are barely warm, add the essential oil, using an electric mixture whip the mixture continually for several minutes. The more you whip it, the lighter it will be.


This recipe can also be used as a skin lotion. Store it in a jar not a bottle, it is easier to get out that way.

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