Cow’s Milk For Hair


I am sure you have heard about Cleopatra bathing in milk for a smooth, unblemished skin and you have heard how fortified with vitamins and minerals milk is and how wondrously silky your skin will feel if you use it. Some of you may have even been using yogurt as a base for your homemade conditioners and you find that your hair responds pretty well to it. Well, yogurt is fermented milk; most times the base used for yogurt is cow’s milk.

Organic cow’s milk contains a host of nutrients including Vitamin A, E and B and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc that have the ability to strengthen and build up cells (healthy bones, teeth), and this building up of cells includes hair cells. Usually a milk advertisement would encourage you to drink it but this article is about using milk on hair.  Cow’s milk can be added to your regular regimen to rejuvenate dry, frizzy hair.

Cow Milk Hair Benefits

  • Adds body to hair, when used in conjunction with egg and honey gives hair a very intense protein treatment.
  • Adds moisture to hair, its best to use it with carrier oils, like coconut and almond oil for a good deep conditioning treatment.
  • Makes hair resilient, hair soaked in milk can add to the tensile strength of the hair.
  • Gives hair incredible shine and gloss. Especially useful if added to your regular moisturizing conditioning treatment.
  • You can add cow milk to your tea rinses or use it as a substitute for yogurt in most homemade hair ingredients that call for yogurt.
  • Milk can be added to hair butters for a creamy, less dense conditioner. This works very well for thick, dry hair.
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So are you willing to try cow’s milk in your hair?

Once won’t hurt, the best milk to try is organic cow’s milk. You can also use whole milk powder instead of liquid cow’s milk,  if you have it. There are several products on the market with added milk for skin and only a few for hair.

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