Hemp Seed Butter Hair Benefits

Hemp Seed Butter Hair Benefits

Hemp seed butter comes from the cannabis plant. Not to worry in its industrial state it is non-hallucinogenic and drug free. If you use it on your hair and you see that your hair is glossy and thick, you are not hallucinating; the hemp seed butter is really very good. Hemp Seed Butter is deep green in color and similar in feel to Shea Butter, and it has a mild, characteristic aroma. It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel. Out of all the butters it is probably the least greasy, in fact it is used in lip balms, hand and foot creams, lotions, soaps and body butters.

The hemp seed oil is an excellent source of amino fatty acid and if perchance your hair is laboring under an Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, hemp seed oil can help, the ration to Omega- 6 fatty acid found in hemp seed oil is easily absorbed through your skin. Hemp seed butter is a mixture of the natural waxes found in hemp seed oil, along with hydrogenated hemp seed oil. The recommended usage rate for Hemp Seed Butter is 5-10% in most formulations; it can be mixed with other butters to provide a rich hair butter. Even though the recommendation is 5-10% it is also used in its pure form for lip or body balms.

Hemp Seed Butter Hair Benefits

Develops stronger and healthier hair.

Great for all hair types (oily, dry or normal) gives hair a dramatically different look and feel for the better.

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The butter is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and helps reduce moisture loss from the skin.

Hemp butter is rich in essential fatty acids, which help to build other chain fats, which your body uses to maintain maximum health.

Used in cosmetics, which takes care of skin lesions, and blotches that may occur as a result of excessively dry skin. Since it won’t clog your pores like many other oils, you can safely use hemp seed oil to moisturize your skin, and do so without any greasy buildup.

Hemp seed oil and butter is a natural sun block, this information should come in handy for the summer months ahead.

Hemp Hair Products

Since researching this butter I have been seeing it everywhere. It’s like a sudden awareness of all things hemp. My latest sighting has been the Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, 18-in-1 Hemp Almond, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2). I am yet to try it, so really this is just sharing the information.

You can find hemp butter here: http://www.rejuvenative.com/products/Hempini-Hemp-Seed-Butter.html

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