Dry Hair – Causes

When a person hair is dry, the hair looks lifeless and brittle. For some persons even after washing their hair and styling it, the hair feels dry and looks like it has no sheen. Naturally, there are some hair types that are more prone to dryness than others e.g. very tightly curly hair because the hair’s natural oil does not reach the ends of the hair shaft adequately. In cases like these, natural and relaxed hair women have to take extra care with adding back moisture to the hair. However, there are times when the hair is extra dry and feels thirsty like it needs something, all hair types can go through this dilemma at one time or the other.

There are several reasons why a person’s hair can be dry and these factors can be categorized as external or internal. Some common external factors are:

ü      Using harsh shampoo

ü      Shampooing too often

ü      Infrequent use of conditioners

ü      Synthetic hair dyes

ü      Some harsh relaxers

ü      Exposure to harsh chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol

ü      Chlorine in swimming pools

ü      Washing with hot  water

ü      Overuse of the blow dryer or curling iron

ü      Too much exposure to the elements e.g. sun and wind

ü      High mineral content in local water supplies

ü      Change of climate

It is very easy to adjust the external factors that cause hair dryness. You can consciously cut back on the number of times that you use the hair dryer or wear a cap in the swimming pool or cover your head with a hat if you know that the day is going to be sunny and you will be standing in the sun for a prolonged period.

Internal factors, though, are another ball game. Some internal factors include:


Cancer treatment

Certain medications

Prolonged illness

Prolonged dehydration

These are a teensy bit more complicated to treat and may require doctor’s advice. Diet is relatively easy to adjust and taking supplements where there is a lack of nutrients may be a quick fix to the hair dryness problem.

Hair dryness for the most part, is controllable and should be nipped in the bud  immediately to reduce hair breakage and shedding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Oils are not moisturizers, they seal in or seal out moisture. So using a hair oil for moisture to rectify dry hair may be counterproductive.


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